From Gospel Music to Empowerment Vision: Dr. Hamet Maulana’s Keynote at the Modern Gospel Awards

By Philip NeeWhang 4 Min Read

The recent Modern Gospel Awards 2023 ended on a high note, drawing a large crowd from the gospel community. The event celebrated a range of talents and recognized exceptional achievements with various awards and honors. Among the highlights of the event was a keynote speech that captured everyone’s attention – the address by Dr. Hamet Maulana, CEO and Founder of Ministry of the Future.

Dr. Maulana’s speech centered around his concerns for the youth of Ghana, focusing on their future and the path ahead. He posed questions about what the youth would be engaged in and how they could be empowered. Dr. Maulana, passionate about this cause, put forth his ideas to address these concerns.

A key aspect he emphasized was the “Year of Return,” a significant concept that he traced back to 1990 at the W.E.B. DuBois Centre in Cantonment, Ghana. He spoke about the need to connect Africans from the diaspora with those living on the continent. He strongly asserted that Ghana is of utmost importance in this context, even referring to it as the “new Jerusalem.”

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Dr. Hamet Maulana

Citing Genesis 36:27 from the Bible, he proclaimed, “Ghana is in the center of the earth, Ghana is in the Bible.” To further solidify his point, he referenced Exodus 8:22 from the revised Christian Bible, indicating that Ghana’s centrality on the globe symbolizes its status as God’s kingdom on earth.

Dr. Maulana’s aspirations are firmly rooted in empowering Ghanaian youth and fostering connections between Ghanaian youth and their peers in the diaspora. He envisioned an exchange program that would allow Ghanaian youths to collaborate and learn from their counterparts abroad.

Addressing the pressing issue of youth unemployment in Ghana, which stands at around 62%, Dr. Maulana challenged young people to understand their roots in order to navigate their path forward. He expressed concerns about the de-Africanization that has affected Africans and called for a reverse process of de-Europeanization to restore a strong sense of African identity.

Modern Gospel Awards 2023 Winners list
Attendees at the Modern Gospel Awards 2023

Highlighting the vastness of the African continent, he emphasized the need for Ghana to lead the way in Africanization of various dimensions, including the Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul, and Natural Resources. He introduced the term “GHANAIAN-IZATION,” calling for a rediscovery of Ghana’s identity, similar to China’s transformation from the bottom to the top.

Dr. Maulana urged the audience to embrace their culture, food, and fashion, while shunning negative foreign influences. He left them with a powerful message – to be empowered, true to themselves, and committed to their heritage as Ghanaians, particularly the youth of Ghana and Africa.

In conclusion, Dr. Hamet Maulana’s keynote speech at the Modern Gospel Awards resonated deeply with all in attendance. His vision for the Ghanaian youth, his emphasis on reconnection, and his call for a strong sense of identity and empowerment left an indelible mark, inspiring everyone to forge ahead with renewed hope and determination.

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The live event – Modern Gospel Music Awards
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