ASEM! Ghanaian Man’s Begs for A Return Ticket After 27 Years in the USA

By Riddy10 2 Min Read

In an unexpected turn of events, life has taken a harsh twist for some Ghanaians who sought the elusive promise of a better life abroad.

Patrick Tebo, a Ghanaian who embarked on a journey to the United States nearly three decades ago, now finds himself in a dire situation, begging on the streets to survive.

A poignant video circulating on social media captures the plea of Patrick Tebo from Techimantia, as he desperately seeks help for a plane ticket to return to Ghana.

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Ghanaian Man's Begs for A Return Ticket After 27 Years in the USA

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The footage, filmed by an empathetic onlooker, urges anyone who recognizes Tebo to come forward and assist, particularly appealing to his family members back in Ghana.

As the video gained traction, comments poured in, reflecting a mix of sympathy and concern. Some viewers suggested seeking mental health assistance for Tebo, emphasizing that returning to Ghana might not be the best solution for his well-being.

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Others questioned his contributions to Ghana while abroad, urging thoughtful assistance.

Patrick Tebo’s story highlights the unseen struggles faced by some Ghanaians living abroad, emphasizing the importance of community support during challenging times.

The viral plea has sparked a call for unity among Ghanaians, as they come together to aid a compatriot facing adversity in a foreign land.

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