Man Spends 80k To Fix His Teeth After Coc@ine Abuse & This Shocking Detail (+PHOTOS)

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A tale of dental redemption unfolded as 39-year-old Danny Bennett, a former cocaine addict, embarked on an £80,000 journey to restore his teeth after a harrowing ordeal that lasted nearly two years.

Bennett’s dental nightmare began in March 2021 when a jaw infection necessitated the removal of all his teeth. The aftermath of cocaine abuse in his 20s had already taken a toll on his dental health, leading him to seek a solution in his 30s.

Man Spends 80k To Fix His Teeth After Cocaine Abuse And This Shocking Detail

Initial treatment in 2021 was promising, but a subsequent infection compelled him to seek the help of a new dentist.

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Despite multiple appointments in the UK, he was advised to explore other options for a smile makeover.

Taking matters public on TikTok proved to be the turning point. Bennett shared the years of agony, pain, and mental torture, describing how his teeth would fall out even during heated discussions.

Man Spends 80k To Fix His Teeth After Cocaine Abuse And This Shocking Detail

His plea on TikTok garnered 3 million views, leading to an outpouring of support.

A trip to Turkey in July 2022, however, resulted in teeth connected together rather than the promised individual crowns.

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Despite initial setbacks and panic, Bennett persisted. Gluing his teeth manually became a routine, exacerbating his mental health struggles.

Man Spends 80k To Fix His Teeth After Cocaine Abuse And This Shocking Detail

His video caught the attention of Harley Private Dental in Sheffield, where Bennett finally found solace. The clinic undertook a comprehensive treatment plan, involving photos, preparations, x-rays, root canals, and gum procedures.

After months of perseverance, Bennett now boasts individual crowns that neither fall out nor cause pain. The final operation, which took place three weeks ago, marked the end of his dental odyssey.

Reflecting on the journey, Bennett expressed relief but acknowledged that it would take years to fully regain his sense of self.

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