Griselda Blanco’s Family Sues Sofia Vergara and Netflix

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Actress Sofia Vergara is in the midst of a legal storm as Griselda Blanco’s family, acting as representatives of her estate, file a lawsuit against both the actress and streaming giant Netflix.

The dispute revolves around the upcoming series where Vergara portrays the notorious Colombian drug lord.

Griselda Blanco’s children are taking legal action, claiming that the show exploits their family’s image and likeness without authorization.

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The series depicts Griselda Blanco during her peak as one of the world’s most prominent drug lords. However, her children are determined to halt its release and have urgently sought an injunction from the court.

Griselda Blanco's Family Sues Sofia Vergara and Netflix

Michael, Griselda’s son, asserts that he has been providing interviews for years to individuals interested in developing his life story and that of his mother.

These interviews, conducted from 2009 to 2022, were intended for potential adaptation into both a show and a book. Michael alleges that the project was pitched to Netflix, who expressed interest but purportedly refused to use any details or consultations from his interviews.

Despite his involvement, Michael claims to have received no compensation. The Blanco family accuses Netflix of appropriating their family’s story without acknowledgment and incorporating it into the show’s narrative.

Additionally, they assert that the use of their images and likenesses in the series violates their rights, as they were never granted permission.

Griselda Blanco's Family Sues Sofia Vergara and Netflix

While the lawsuit does not explicitly state that Netflix cannot depict Griselda Blanco, a public figure, it strongly implies that the children believe their likenesses and interview materials were utilized in the making of the show.

With the scheduled release date set for January 25, the Blanco children are urgently seeking to delay the premiere.

In the legal battle between Sofia Vergara, Netflix, and Griselda Blanco’s family, the intricacies of intellectual property, consent, and compensation take center stage.

The unfolding courtroom drama adds an unexpected layer of controversy to the highly anticipated series, leaving the entertainment industry and legal experts closely watching the developments.

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