How To Become A Content Creator

By Prince Ubaha 6 Min Read

Content Writing is the art of providing vital and necessary information to a targeted audience. Necessary in a sense that it must answer the questions raised by businesses and individuals who needed them.

Content Marketing comes in different forms and they include Ebook, blog posts, infographics, videos, and photos. So, whichever area you may delve in, note that delivering quality content is key. Without it, search engines will rank your work low hence it will be difficult for your targeted audience to find your content.

Nevertheless, there are certain practices that is common among successful content marketers and we’ll be sharing them with you. Note that as it is with many other businesses, becoming successful is a matter of commitment, dedication, and hard work.

In content marketing, there are hierarchies and the one you that you belong to is solely dependent on your worth. While some content marketers earn a meagre $2, many charges over $500 per article (I’m not kidding. This is not restricted to a country hence anyone from any part of the world can be charging that too!).

While Facebook content jobs do at times, come with high price, the best deals are on
LinkedIn. The average charge for a content job is $200 and a good number are charged at $500.

I believe that with such amount, you can comfortably live a decent life but how to begin can pose as a problem. Do you want to become a content curator and live the life of your dreams? If your answer is a Yes, then you’re on the right page!

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Read News Daily and Gain Industry Insight

The first thing a potential content curator should do is to read news pertaining to his niche. What we mean by Niche is a field of knowledge specially different from others. For example, football, business, news, politics, lifestyle, travel, food, health, parenting, religion, among others are niches.

Therefore, to succeed, you should be reading contents published by a professional in that niche.

Produce Content Daily

It is psychologically proven that doing a habit everyday is a recipe for mastery and proficiency. Content Marketing is a profession that requires one to put in hours of work to be successful. To do this, start by curating content on a regular.

The aim should not be on the quantity of contents produced but rather on the quality. Your Contents should be SEO optimized and 100% plagiarism free. Google is not a friend of copied content and several, consistent violation of copyright law may lead to suspension.

Take time and write content; don’t be in a rush. Leverage the social nature of your audience by including short but relevant stories as well as some emotional triggers in your work. Curating contents that will keep your audience glued and satisfied is difficult though but it’s worth it.

Network Effectively

Networking is a very important part of a business. Without it, finding a good paying client can become difficult – the same applies to Content Marketing. Whether you’re a old content curator or new to the industry, it is very essential to network and connect with like-minded people on social media.

Start by opening an account on LinkedIn and market yourself from there. You’ll see that in no less time, the sky will be your starting point.

Study Your Audience

As a content writer, you’re not going to be the one to reward yourself. Your Audience are the one responsible for the profits you’ll accumulate but they wouldn’t do so if your content do not meet their needs.

Study your audience well enough and know them inside and out. Discover what they desired most and provide it to them via contents. If you do so, your targeted audience are more likely to pay higher for your services.

Know the Right Tone To Use

Tone is an essential factor in the content marketing arena but many do not hold regard for it. Tone is the type of voice you’re using to pass the message to your audience. Different niche comes with assorted tones but it would be your duty to configure the perfect one for your industry.

For example, if you are in the health niche, it would be captivating to write with an educational tone; siting quotes from trusted health sources to verify most of your claims. This will convince your audience that you’re professional with an understanding of your work.

Show Wisdom When Curating Content

Wisdom is synonymous to “deep understanding.” Some of your target audience might have already read what you are trying to mean somewhere. They didn’t come for you to repeat the words but rather analysis the content and make them understand it in depth.

If you can do this, you’ll be truly successful in this trade.

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