Hundreds of anti-Israel protesters inundate the NY Times building, alleging that Biden backs “genocide.”

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Following their arrival at Bryant Park on Thursday afternoon, hundreds of anti-Israel demonstrators took over the lobby of the New York Times building, demanding the abolition of the Jewish state and accusing President Biden of supporting ‘genocide’.

As they marched through Midtown on Thursday night, the throngs of protestors chanted, “From river to sea, Palestine will be free,” a slogan that is known to demand the elimination of Israel. They also called Israel a “terrorist state.

Since the Hamas terror incident on October 7 that prompted Israel to undertake retaliatory strikes, a succession of intense protests have engulfed New York City, with the massive march being the most recent.

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Only hours after the commander in chief warned reporters there is “no possibility” of a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, demonstrators chanted, Biden, Biden, you can’t hide, you’re supporting genocide.

Hundreds of anti-Israel protesters inundate the NY Times building, alleging that Biden backs "genocide."

Demonstrators took over the Times building’s lobby, chanted outdoors and distributed fictitious copies of “The New York War Crimes” newspaper.

The yells erupted, “We will not stop holding the New York Times accountable… for inciting genocide.” “No more money for the New York Times—not one more coin, not one more dime. Not a single nickel, dime, or penny more should be paid for Israel’s atrocities. 

We accuse you of genocide, New York Times; you cannot run away.”

They also yelled, “Tell the truth,” and “F–k New York Times.

After the demonstrators entered and were able to clear the area, police were in the lobby with them.

In the initial stages of the rally, demonstrators ascended statues outside the New York Public Library, proudly waving Palestinian flags. The atmosphere took a tense turn when a 22-year-old NYU graduate student, on his way home from a seminar, found himself surrounded by protesters. In a bold act, he shouted in Hebrew, declaring “Long live the beautiful state of Israel,” while brandishing a poster depicting an Israeli hostage kidnapped by Hamas.

Recounting the unsettling encounter, the Murray Hill resident, who has family in Israel, shared his experience. He described standing alone in the crowd, feeling compelled to be the singular voice opposing the prevailing sentiment. 

Hundreds of anti-Israel protesters inundate the NY Times building, alleging that Biden backs "genocide."

Chanting in Hebrew, which translates to “long live the people of Israel” or “life to the people of Israel,” he faced a swarm of protesters who aggressively confronted him. Amid the chaos, one protester seized the poster from his hand.

The intensity of the situation escalated further when the protesters shouted, “Go back to Israel.” The incident highlights the clash of opinions and emotions within the diverse crowd, underscoring the complex dynamics surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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