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Do you guys know what Iris Apfel net worth is before her death? Well, this is what this very post is about, just sit back as we get you all the details you will need.

Before we dive deep into her net worth, let’s start from scratch, Iris Apfel, the fashion mogul, was confirmed dad at the age of 102, which we published earlier here.

She died on Friday, March 1, 2024, according to a statement published on her official Instagram account, while her spokesperson, also verified her passing to The New York Times, indicating that she died peacefully at her home in Palm Beach, Florida.

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Iris Apfel was a famous American businesswoman, interior designer, fashion designer, and actress.

Iris Apfel gained her wealth and prominence primarily through her expertise in fashion and interior design. She is known for her distinctive style, characterized by bold accessories and eclectic clothing choices.

Apfel and her husband, Carl Apfel, founded Old World Weavers, a textile company specializing in reproducing historical fabrics. Additionally, she worked on design restoration projects at the White House for several presidents.

Later in her career, she gained widespread recognition as a fashion icon, appearing in documentaries and collaborating with brands like MAC Cosmetics and HSN.

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What is Iris Apfel Net Worth?

Apfel Net Worth: According to Celebritynetworth, the fashion and business mogul’s net worth is estimated at around $25 million.

FAQs About Iris Apfel:

What was Iris Apfel’s net worth?

Iris Apfel’s net worth was estimated to be in the millions at the time of her passing, thanks to her successful career as a fashion icon, businesswoman, and interior designer.

How did Iris Apfel make her money?

Apfel made her money through various ventures, including her textile firm Old World Weavers, collaborations with fashion brands, and public appearances.

Did Iris Apfel have children?

No, Iris Apfel and her husband, Carl Apfel, did not have children of their own. However, they mentored and inspired countless individuals throughout their lives.

What was Iris Apfel’s signature style?

Iris Apfel’s signature style was characterized by bold accessories, eclectic patterns, and vibrant colors. She was known for her fearless approach to fashion and her ability to mix high and low-end pieces with effortless flair.

What is Iris Apfel’s legacy?

Iris Apfel’s legacy is one of creativity, individuality, and inclusivity. She broke barriers in the fashion industry and inspired people of all ages to embrace their unique style and celebrate their individuality.

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