Jerome Boateng’s mother alleges: ‘My son has been abusing women for years

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Jerome Boateng

Legal proceedings against Jerome Boateng’s alleged attack against his ex-girlfriend are resuming, and his mother has stated that he “has been abusing women for years.

Boateng’s mother claimed that her son had been abusing women psychologically and physically for years in an email sent on March 25, 2021, to a lawyer in Berlin. This announcement is made in the wake of Boateng’s ex-girlfriend Kasia Lenhardt’s untimely suicide on February 9, 2021, in Berlin.

“My son has been mentally and physically abusing women for years, now Kasia Lenhardt has taken her own life and he still doesn’t want to face the consequences of his behavior,” stated Boateng’s mother, according to the German newspaper Spiegel.

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Spiegel’s investigations into Lenhardt’s death have turned up strong evidence that backs up the claims that she and Boateng had a violent relationship. Lenhardt’s allegations of abuse are purportedly supported by forensic examination of her iPhone and a large number of audio communications. Furthermore, it has come to light that Lenhardt had planned to report Boateng for physical abuse not long before she passed away.

A horrifying picture of the alleged abuse Lenhardt suffered is painted in chat messages that were recovered from her communications. Lenhardt began recording incidents of Boateng’s alleged violence as early as October 2019, describing injuries like hematomas and fractured thumbs that he caused.

“Our client is unable to provide a detailed response at this time due to ongoing proceedings,” stated Boateng’s attorney in an interview with Spiegel. Thus, in essence: You are merely largely uninformed; additionally, it appears that they are given only a portion of the knowledge. He never made physical contact.

Boateng was found guilty in 2021 of abusing and insulting his ex-partner while on vacation in the Caribbean five years earlier. In November 2022, a district court affirmed the verdict, although the first fine was lowered from €1.8 million to €1.2 million. Due to procedural inaccuracies, the Bavarian Supreme Court reversed Boateng’s physical assault conviction in September. According to Bild, a fresh trial will now start on June 14 in a district court in Munich.

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