Jerry Seinfeld apologises to Howard Stern for implying he lacks humour

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Comedy is all fun and games until one comedian calls the other out on their “chops.”

Jerry Seinfeld is retracting remarks he made earlier this week about Howard Stern, insinuating that the comedian lacked humour. After the revelation gained media attention, Seinfeld expressed regret and begged Stern’s pardon.

“I really feel bad for what I said about my friend Howard Stern in a conversation with David Spade and Dana Carvey, talking about the glut of comedy podcasts,” he stated to Page Six on Wednesday. 

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“I meant to say he must feel surrounded, but I said ‘outflanked,’ which sounded terrible and insulting. And of course, none of these little shows are any threat to his giant show. Anyway, it was bad and I’m sorry, Howie. I still love you. Please forgive me

Seinfeld first made his remarks on an edition of “Fly on the Wall,” the podcast hosted by David Spade and Dana Carvey. The comedians in the group were discussing how comedy had become more popular on podcasts. 

Jerry Seinfeld apologises to Howard Stern for implying he lacks humour
Howard Stern

“This was created by Howard Stern, correct? But now we’re superior to him,” Seinfeld said. “I find Howard to be fascinating. Howard does a terrific job interviewing, but can we be honest about his comedic chops? 

Spade said, “Sure,” while Carvey said, “No.”

Spade noted that Stern’s philosophy was to be more “serious.” Carvey added that Stern’s longtime co-host, Robin Quivers, was brought on for the humor element.

“Yeah, they’re all great, but let’s face it, he’s been outflanked,” Seinfeld stated. “This is the best [podcast] on the air. Because you guys play nice together, it’s smooth, you’re not jumping on each other, which is annoying to listen to.”

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