Missed detail in Las Vegas alien video confirms authenticity, ‘Undeniable evidence’ [video]

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An expert crime scene reconstruction specialist stated that the Las Vegas family who told police they saw something “not human” in their garden were telling the truth. 

Using motion tracking software and his experience, Scott Roder of Evidence Room Animation and Exhibits examined footage of an alleged UFO crash landing in Sin City in April 2023. 

He told NewsNation that they made an effort to “debunk” or show that the responding police’ bodycam footage was tampered with. 

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He now stated that he is certain that two animals were prowling the family’s Las Vegas yard that evening. “All of our findings were confirmed as genuine,” stated Roder. “Editing is not done. That video is unique.”

When a neighbour reported seeing a “tall, skinny alien creature with greenish colour,” around 8 to 10 feet tall, last year, Las Vegas police were called in to investigate an unusual 911 call. 

He claimed to police that in their backyard, the “creature” lurked behind a forklift. 

“My body just froze like I had sleep paralysis, looking at it in the eyes,” Angel Kenmore, the witness, claimed in a previous YouTube video. He had a strange-looking face, large feet, bright eyes, and a large mouth. 

Its respiration is deep and loud, and its stomach continues to move. He would simply look at me, and then I would be able to move once more.

Missed detail in Las Vegas alien video confirms authenticity, 'Undeniable evidence’ [video]

Roder poured over the footage and watched it over and over until he finally spotted what he missed every time, two beings in the video at the same time, he told NewsNation’s show “Banfield.” 

Roder stated that he “attach(ed) (motion) to a figure in the background to show that the movement of the shadow reflects the movement of a body that is attached to the head” by using motion-tracking software that focuses in on the source of motion.

“We don’t believe it’s a floating head,” he stated. “We think it is affixed to a body. Furthermore, the movement of that head from right to left is compatible with the movement we observe between the fence’s slats.”

The story has been fiercely debated since the streak of light lit up the Las Vegas sky late April 30, 2023. At least 21 people across eastern California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah reported seeing the glowing green light, according to the American Meteor Society.

The Las Vegas family’s claim about a crashed UFO and extraterrestrial life sneaking around their backyard has been called a hoax and labeled as a bogus claim by some. 

The host of “UFO Witness,” Ben Hansen, is one of the sceptics. He thinks the “creature” is a shadow, NewsNation reports. 

Missed detail in Las Vegas alien video confirms authenticity, 'Undeniable evidence’ [video]

“I don’t believe that makes any sense,” Roder retorted, adding that it should be simple to duplicate if it is a shadow. 

He informed NewsNation that he would reevaluate his position if that occurred. 

For now, for him, the video is legitimate proof that aliens came to Earth. 

The Metro police handled it with seriousness. After interviewing the three witnesses, the responding police to the 911 call determined that they were believable and sober,” Knapp stated in the previous year. “They conducted a follow-up the next day after searching the garden, looking for tangible evidence and canvassing the neighbourhood for further witnesses.

“Over the course of the last four weeks, we spoke with the family several times and found no indications of a hoax. However, what actually transpired? We’re not sure.”

The family was “afraid for their safety,” according to Las Vegas police, so they installed surveillance around the property for a few weeks following the event.

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