Out Now: Jung Kook and Usher ‘Standing Next To You’ Remix Music Video

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BTS’s sensational Jung Kook has unveiled the official music video for his hit track, “Standing Next To You” Remix, featuring none other than American luminary Usher.

Premiering on December 15th on the ubiquitous American video-streaming platform YouTube, the video has swiftly amassed over a million views, cementing its status as a chart-topper.

Jung Kook and Usher initially dropped the audio for the remix on December 1, 2023. In a remarkable turn of events, the song quickly ascended to the pinnacle of the global music scene, claiming the coveted number one spot on US iTunes and multiple international charts within a few hours of its release.

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This captivating track finds its home in Jung Kook’s debut album, aptly titled ‘Golden.’ Following the video’s release on a Friday morning, it swiftly became a social media sensation, particularly on X, formerly known as Twitter, where ardent fans expressed their exhilaration by dissecting and sharing snippets of the visually stunning content.

The “Standing Next To You” Remix video is a spectacle of rhythm and style, showcasing Jung Kook and Usher setting the dance floor ablaze. Opening with JK and his entourage grooving to the song’s pulsating disco beat, the K-pop luminary exudes charisma in studded black pants and a matching vest over a white T-shirt.

For those curious about the dance influences of BTS members, this visual provides undeniable proof of their meticulous study of Michael Jackson’s iconic moves. Every heel flick, crotch grab, and hip pop pay homage to the late King of Pop.

The performance escalates as Jung Kook and his six male dancers execute slow-motion body rolls, seamlessly blending pops and locks. Amidst shafts of light in a cavernous space, the singer takes center stage, supported by his crew as they hold his mic stand while he effortlessly reaches sky-high falsetto notes.

In a dynamic sequence, Usher enters the frame, showcasing his original moves with the finesse of a nightclub Terminator. Adorned in wide-leg black pants, a cropped black leather jacket over a black tank, gloves, shades, and his distinctive “U” medallion, Usher adds a touch of his signature style to this electrifying collaboration.

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