Czech Influencer Kamil Bartoshek Dropped $1M Cash From A Helicopter To His Fans [WATCH]

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In a remarkable display of generosity that’s being hailed as ‘the inaugural deluge of real currency worldwide,’ Kamil Bartoshek, the renowned Czech influencer who goes by the moniker ‘Kazma Kazmitch’ on various social media platforms, has lavished a princely sum of $1 million upon his devoted following.

This maverick influencer devised an unorthodox method for gratifying the participants of his contest. He orchestrated a grand assembly on a sprawling expanse of land, and from the heavens, a helicopter heralded the descent of $1 million in crisp, unadulterated cash.


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Originally, as reported by, Kazma’s intention was to anoint a singular victor with a substantial monetary prize through an enigmatic code concealed within his cinematic masterpiece, ‘Onemanshow: The Movie.’ This code was the key to locating the coveted treasure trove.

Regrettably, none among the aspirants could decipher the riddle, leading the influencer to recalibrate his grand scheme. With an admirable display of fairness, he opted to disseminate the wealth among all the valiant entrants who had enlisted for the competition.

At the break of dawn on a fateful Sunday, an encrypted missive arrived in the inboxes of these fortunate participants, disclosing the secret coordinates for the impending ‘money shower.’ True to his word, Kazma graced the appointed locale at the appointed hour, bearing his riches aboard a helicopter.

The world bore witness to this extraordinary spectacle via a video shared on Kazma’s official Instagram account. In a fitting caption, he exclaimed, “The first real MONEY RAIN in the world! $1.000.000 dropped from a helicopter in the Czech Republic and no one has died or got injured.”

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