Kanye West fans launch GoFundMe to ‘make him a billionaire again’

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Kanye “Ye” West’s supporters came to his aid on Monday and created a GoFundMe page to assist the musician in getting back on his feet financially.

West has received criticism recently for a string of anti-Semitic comments, and there have been multiple GoFundMe campaigns to “make him a billionaire again.”

Although numerous more are supposedly still running, one fundraiser was already removed by the website after just raising $5. as some people have an ambition of at least $1 billion.


On Instagram, the 45-year-old rapper and Yeezy fashion expert claimed he had lost approximately $1 billion in a single day.

Kanye’s net worth is declining as a result of him no longer having sponsorship agreements with well-known companies like Adidas and CAA, among others.

Following Ye’s unacceptable cruel and dangerous comments, which the business views as a violation of its rules, Adidas issued a statement saying “Adidas does not allow antisemitism and any other type of hate speech.”

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