Kennedy Agyapong And Sylvester Tetteh Engage In A Near Altercation In Parliament

Kennedy Agyapong and Sylvester Tetteh engage in a near altercation in Parliament

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As the day’s proceedings continued on Tuesday, February 13, Assin Central MP Kennedy Agyapong and MP for Bortianor-Ngleshie Amanfro Sylvester Tetteh came dangerously close to fighting on the Parliament floor.

Tensions escalated to the point where other lawmakers had to step in as peacemakers to stop a physical brawl, in a shocking turn of events.

Kennedy Agyapong, a loud lawmaker, is credited with starting a heated debate in the chamber when he allegedly approached his colleague Bortianor-Ngleshie Amanfro.

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Assin Central MP lashed back at Mr. Tetteh while he was attempting to make small talk, according to Joy News’ Parliamentary correspondent.

In a later video, Mr. Agyapong is shown having a heated verbal altercation with Mr. Tetteh while the parliamentary session is still in progress, strongly pressuring him to leave.

As the conversation heated up, several MPs were taken aback by the abrupt confrontation.

The scenario suddenly became heated, with both MPs standing toe-to-toe with their faces twisted in fury as accusations flew and voices raised.

Tensions were at an all-time high, as if a violent altercation was about to break out.

But before things could get worse, calmer heads prevailed, and other lawmakers stepped in to diffuse the tension.


The two were separated amid cries for civility and control, preventing a possible physical altercation.

Alexander Afenyo Markin, the Deputy Majority Leader, stepped in right away to diffuse the developing tension. In order to restore order in the chamber, the Effutu MP forcibly moved Sylvester Tetteh away from Kennedy Agyapong.

Agyapong and Sly majority leader

Parliamentary observers are now debating the incident and looking into what caused the two MPs to get into such a violent argument.

Ken reportedly approached Sly to seek payment for amounts that Sly supposedly owed him. Sly reportedly denied having any debt to Ken and asked him to go to court if he was certain in his claim.

‘Showdown’ Ken Agyapong is said to have become enraged by the rejection, which sparked the argument.

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