Make Sure To Marry Your Class: Twitter Influencer Cautions

By Riddy10 2 Min Read

Men should marry women in their class, according to a Nigerian doctor known as Dr. Penking on Twitter, who used the Otedolas as an example.

Temi and DJ Cuppy, the daughters of Femi Otedola, one of Nigeria’s wealthiest men, got engaged to wealthy guys, according to an analysis Dr. Penking did on his Instagram page.

He claimed that Temi Otedola, one of the billionaire’s daughters, wed Mr. Eazi, a multi-millionaire, and well-known singer. Additionally, millionaire boxer Taylor is getting married to DJ Cuppy.

Below Are His Words:

“Temi Otedola got married to Mr. Eazi, a multi-millionaire, and superstar musician. DJ Cuppy is getting married to Taylor, a millionaire boxer Women always marry their class or higher.

They won’t look at your face if you aren’t in their class. When you finally make money as a man, you MUST marry your class too.”

“Don’t go and carry one girl in the village and inherit the family’s poverty. Remember, if that girl were rich and you were poor, she wouldn’t look at your face. “You are not my type.” That’s what she would have told you. Love is not enough.”

“You have to be strategic in choosing your wife. Your choice of wife can either upgrade or destroy your financial status. Many men are poor today not because they don’t earn well but because they are carrying responsibilities that are bigger than them.”

“Dear Men, learn from women. Be wise. Marry your class. Don’t marry liability!!”

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