Marrying More Wives Is the Dream of Every Man: Samini Reveals

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Reggae/Dancehall sensation, Samini, recently opened up about his unique perspective on religion and shared his thoughts on the possibility of embracing polygamy during an interview with MX24 TV.

In the interview, Samini revealed that he doesn’t confine himself to a particular religious institution. Instead, he chooses to attend both Christian churches and mosques based on his own discretion.

This eclectic approach to spirituality is influenced by his diverse religious background. Although he was raised as a Christian, a significant portion of his family is Muslim, providing him with a unique perspective on religious matters.

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Samini stated, “I can go to the church, I can go to the mosque, I can go to any other place that I believe that these people who have gathered are calling the Most High that I also call, and together, we will call the Most High.”

Marrying More Wives Is the Dream of Every Man: Samini Reveals

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He emphasized his direct relationship with the divine, believing that he doesn’t require a mediator to connect with the divine, and his prayers are answered consistently.

Regarding the concept of polygamy, Samini acknowledged that it’s a desire for many men but stressed the importance of mutual consent and understanding among all parties involved.

He said, “Would I attempt polygamy? Well, I think it’s every man’s wish in life, it’s every man’s dream, but it’s in the interest of the woman that you want to be in this kind of agreement with or in this kind of arrangement with to be on the same page with you. Otherwise, you’re going to find problems for yourself.”

Samini highlighted the necessity of open communication and shared values among those considering polygamous relationships. He sees polygamy as an opportunity, but only if all parties involved are willing participants.

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