Divorce Rates are Too Much because People Like Watching telenovelas – Sam George

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Popular Ghanaian Member of Parliament, Sam George, has shed light on the influence of telenovelas on marital expectations, asserting that it is a leading cause of divorce.

He described this phenomenon as “delusional” and emphasized how the fairy tale narratives portrayed in these television dramas can shape unrealistic and impatient outlooks in viewers.

Sam George explained that the high divorce rates can be attributed to people watching too many telenovelas, which often depict conflicts and relationship issues in an idealized and easily resolved manner.

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In many movies, disagreements between couples lead to immediate legal action and separation, creating an unrealistic perception of how real-life relationships work.

He highlighted that movies are scripted, allowing for multiple takes and edits, while life has no such luxury. In real life, couples must navigate challenges and differences with patience, understanding, and compromise, without the convenience of cutting and retaking scenes.

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Moreover, Sam George drew a parallel with the influence of movies on other aspects of life, referencing how films have influenced perceptions of certain practices, such as money sacrifices, and how this can impact society’s behavior.

Divorce Rates are Too Much because People Like Watching telenovelas – Sam George

The parliamentarian, who has celebrated 11 years of marriage with his wife, emphasized the importance of hard work and dedication in a successful marriage.

He shared that marriage is not just a noun but a verb, signifying that it requires active effort from both partners.

In terms of conflict resolution in his own marriage, Sam George acknowledged a shift in his approach. He mentioned that he used to speak his mind when angry but recognized that this led to unnecessary complications.

Now, he chooses to remain silent and resolute, resolving issues without letting his emotions dictate his words.

Sam George stressed that the only valid reason for supporting divorce in his view is emotional and physical abuse, emphasizing the importance of addressing such serious issues within a marriage.

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