TUC Alleges Prof Adei’s Disdain for Ghanaian Workers and Unions

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Dr. Kwabena Nyarko Otoo, the director of the Trades Union Congress’s (TUC) Labour Research and Policy Institute, has contested assertions made by economist Professor Stephen Adei concerning the productivity of Ghanaian labourers in contrast to those in Togo.

According to Professor Adei, Ghanaian labourers are among the least productive in the world, indicating that Togolese labourers are more productive than Ghanaians.

During a May 1 Workers’ Day interview on Citi TV’s Point of View, Dr. Otoo defended Ghanaian labourers, highlighting their perseverance in the face of adversity.

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Inferring that Ghanaian workers are capable and dependable, he questioned whether Professor Adei would choose medical operations in Togo over Ghana.

Prof. Adei claimed that workers in Ghana are unmotivated and underproductive. If he were to become ill and need surgery, would he travel to Korle Bu or Togo? Since Ghanaian labourers are less productive than Togolese workers, especially medical doctors.

“He despises unions and Ghanaian labourers with a sickening disdain. His work at GIMPA is what made him famous in Ghana. He didn’t act in that manner towards Togolese labourers. When he was there, he worked with drivers and security personnel. And this kind of remark is the last thing these people expected from him.

Dr. Otoo noted that although some Ghanaian workers could have difficult work attitudes, Professor Adei could have expressed his opinions in a more positive way.

“We acknowledge that attitudes about work provide a difficulty, and we are taking action to address it. This isn’t the way a professor should help if that’s your desire. Professors can assist us in overcoming some of the obstacles. However, they ought to come up with a more polite and cooperative way to put it.

“If you look for Professor Adei on Google, you won’t find a single study document he has published; instead, everything you discover is criticism and denunciation of Ghanaian labourers. What evidence exists to suggest that a worker in Ghana is not productive? Dr. Otoo enquired.

Dr. Otoo chastised the administration for criticising employee attitudes but failing to take the required action to assist employees in their work.

Is it possible for the government or any employer to visit us and share their productivity-related initiatives? save to constantly protest, without proof, that the Ghanaian labourer is unproductive,” he claimed.

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