Nacee releases a new track “Aseda”, conveying a Message of Gratitude and Hope

By Philip NeeWhang 2 Min Read

Nacee, a musician from Ghana, has recently released a gospel song called “Aseda”, which means “Thanksgiving” in English. The song’s purpose is to inspire gratitude towards God for all that He has done in the lives of its listeners. “Aseda” has become popular on Boomplay, featuring in over 35 playlists. Its exclusive release on the platform has added to the excitement surrounding the release. The music video for “Aseda” will be available on all digital streaming platforms, TV, radio, and Nacee’s YouTube channel.

“Aseda” is a gentle and spiritual gospel song with a simple arrangement and sweet melodies that lift the listener’s spirit. The song’s introduction on the guitar is accompanied by piano and strings, creating a beautiful and calming atmosphere. The lead and backup vocals resonate with the listener, encouraging them to worship and offering hope that they can overcome any difficult situation they may face.

The lyrics of “Aseda” reflect Nacee’s personal experience and journey to where he is today. Having worked in various menial jobs in the past, he has turned his life around with the help of God. “Aseda” is his expression of gratitude towards God and an encouragement to others facing challenging situations. Nacee reminds listeners that God is with them, and despite closed doors, He will open new ones. He believes that everyone’s tears will eventually turn into a story of glory.

“Aseda” promises to inspire and uplift listeners, encouraging them to give thanks to God for all that He has done. Nacee’s personal experience and journey to where he is today make the song even more meaningful and relatable. To stay up-to-date on Nacee’s latest releases and projects, fans can follow him on social media. His handles on Facebook and Instagram are @naceemusic, and his handles on YouTube and TikTok are also @naceemusic.


You can listen to “Aseda” on Boomplay here:


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