Nick Cannon Happy with 12 Kids, No Baby Plans (See Details)

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Nick Cannon, renowned comedian, television host, and the newly appointed Buffalo Wild Wings spokesperson, has opened up about his current contentment with his expansive family of 12 children.

In an exclusive interview with People, Cannon shared insights into his family life, addressing the speculation about the possibility of adding more members to his already large brood.

“I’m chilling right now. There’s no plans on the horizon as of yet,” Cannon revealed, providing a glimpse into his current mindset regarding expanding his family.

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This statement marks a shift from his previous enthusiasm for boosting the national birth rate, which had drawn both praise and criticism from peers and fans alike.

Cannon humorously acknowledged the persistent inquiries about having more children, stating, “It’s so funny, everybody’s always trying to get me to have more kids. It’s like, 12 ain’t enough?”


The comedian had earlier expressed that only divine guidance could determine when he would consider concluding his parenting journey, hinting at the possibility of a vasectomy.

In light of his recent remarks, it seems that Cannon may be reconsidering his stance on family planning.

The Wild’n Out creator hinted at a potential change, stating that he’s “finally coming up for air” after a busy holiday season with his dozen children.

Nick Cannon Happy with 12 Kids, No Baby Plans

As he prepares for the upcoming spring break activities, Cannon shed light on the challenges of managing his kids’ extracurricular pursuits.

Discussing the intricacies of parenting, Cannon emphasized the importance of structuring his schedule around his children’s activities, particularly their sports and outdoor interests.

Despite the demands of his busy life, he finds joy in reconnecting with his kids and engaging in activities that contribute to their growth and development.

The interview also touched upon Cannon’s practical approach to managing the chaos, with revelations from his brother that the comedian utilizes Google to keep track of his children.

This candid admission provides a humorous glimpse into the realities of parenting a large family in the digital age.

As Cannon navigates the responsibilities of fatherhood and the spotlight of his career, the public remains intrigued by his journey.

Whether or not he decides to add to his family, Nick Cannon’s reflections on fatherhood offer a refreshing perspective on the joys and challenges of parenting a dozen children.

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