Perbi Cubs’ Remarkable Event: Celebrating Young Readers in Style

By Philip NeeWhang 3 Min Read

Perbi Cubs, a fantastic organization that champions children’s reading, hosted a fantastic event called the “Celebration of Champions” on Saturday, September 30th, 2023, at the Efua Sutherland Children’s Park in Accra. The “Celebration of Champions” was a day filled with laughter and learning. Kids had a blast with activities like dancing competitions, reading challenges, and bouncy castles. The kids got colorful tags that made the activities more exciting. They cheered each other on, creating a sense of togetherness and joy.

Building Bonds and Supporting Vendors:
Parents also joined in the fun with adult games, strengthening their connections with their children. Vendors had a chance to show off their goods and make sales, helping the local economy and providing plenty of options for everyone.

Celebrating Reading and Achievements

The event celebrated the love of reading and the amazing accomplishments of young readers. It even included some kayayei who participated in a special reading session.

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Inspiring Words from Mrs. Sheila Naah:
The event became even more special with a speech from Mrs. Sheila Naah, who encouraged children to read and love books.

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Acknowledging the Great Support:
Mrs. Anyele Perbi, the head of Perbi Cubs, thanked all the guests, partners, and sponsors for their support. She said their support is what makes events like this successful.

Recognizing Excellence:
The event recognized the best readers, top partner schools, librarians, and even kayayei who participated in reading activities during the Literacy Month campaign.

Including Everyone:
The “Celebration of Champions” welcomed people from all walks of life, including commercial drivers, market porters, and pupils from public schools. This shows Perbi Cubs’ dedication to spreading literacy to everyone.


A Promise for the Future:
Mrs. Perbi emphasized how important the event is for nurturing young readers and learners. It’s about shaping a bright future for these kids.

Thankful for Generous Sponsors:
MTN and FanMilk generously supported the event by donating prizes and gifts for contests and giveaways, making it even more enjoyable.


For More Information:
To learn more about this fantastic event, visit If you have any questions or want to partner with them, you can contact them at 055 247 7243.

The “Celebration of Champions” organized by Perbi Cubs is an outstanding initiative that promotes the love of reading among children. It’s a day filled with joy, learning, and togetherness, and it shows that reading is something to celebrate. Perbi Cubs deserves a big round of applause for their dedication to young readers and their commitment to making reading accessible to all.

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