Reporter raises concerns over ‘worrisome figures’ for President Biden in latest poll: ‘A significant liability’

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Steve Kornacki of NBC News issued a warning on the organisation’s most recent poll, pointing out some “troubling numbers” for President Biden as he lags behind former President Trump in a number of crucial areas, including mental and physical health. 

In terms of managing a crisis, being capable and efficient, controlling inflation, possessing the requisite physical and mental health, and having a solid presidential record, Trump leads Biden among Americans, according to the NBC News poll. 

The centrepiece of President Biden’s 2020 campaign appeal, according to “Meet the Press” host Kristen Welker, was “competent and effective.” Kornacki pointed out that in 2020, the figures were reversed, with voters considering Biden to be more capable and successful.

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According to the poll, 47% of voters think Trump is capable and effective, while only 36% think the same of the president. 

Who is the president with the most experience? Once more, Trump is surpassing Biden in that regard. And once more, this one must be mentioned as well. essential bodily and mental well-being. Four years ago, we posed this question. The outcome was a wash. Joe Biden’s liability is clearly evident. Thus, all of these figures are concerning for Biden, according to Kornacki.

Only two areas distinguish Biden from Trump: his capacity to forge national unity and his handling of abortion policy. Nonetheless, Kornacki pointed out that many voters thought both candidates could unite the nation just as well as the other. 

Welker and Kornacki cited the poll’s results about RFK Jr.’s position in the race, noting that many people think Kennedy would sabotage Biden’s chances of winning and hand the election to Trump. 

But according to the poll, if RFK Jr. was on the ballot, Biden would win the fictitious matchup.

Reporter raises concerns over 'worrisome figures' for President Biden in latest poll: 'A significant liability’

We project a 46-44 victory for Donald Trump,” Kornacki stated, citing the outcome of the contest between Biden and Trump alone. However, see what occurs when we include RFK’s name in the mix. We have a new leader all of a sudden. Joe Biden is at 39%, Donald Trump is at 37%, and Kennedy is at 13%. We observe that, in this scenario, Trump voters—rather than Biden voters—are switching to Kennedy by a percentage greater than two to one.” 

The outcomes, according to Welker, “defied conventional wisdom.”

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Kornacki examined Biden’s job approval rating, which is at 42%, and contrasted it with previous presidents at similar stages of their terms in office. The lowest approval rating of any previous president, including Trump’s, was held by Biden (42%). 

Additionally, according to Kornacki, voter enthusiasm in the 2024 race was at its lowest point since NBC News began asking this topic in 2008.

According to polling conducted in crucial battleground states, such as Pennsylvania, where Biden and Trump are currently deadlocked at 48%, the contest will be extremely close. This was revealed on Thursday by Fox News.

A poll conducted in early April found that Trump and Biden are separated by just two percentage points in North Carolina. 

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