Rob Schneider supports 2024 presidential candidate, criticizes Democrats for ‘censorship’

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Joining “Fox & Friends First” to talk about his reasons for endorsing independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is actor and comedian Rob Schneider. 

Schneider characterized Kennedy as a buddy who, in his opinion, speaks about issues that the American people care about. 

Schneider talked about why one of his main motivations for backing Kennedy is health care. 

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“We paid five times as much for healthcare as people in Europe do. And our outcomes are far worse. We cannot have 54% of children and 60% of Americans in poor health. For you people, that should be the most important story in all of the mass media. The fact that over 50% of youngsters suffer from chronic illness is a statistic that dates back to 10–12 years ago. Thus, we need to promote people’s health.”

Schneider continued, saying that governments should concentrate on eradicating homelessness and “getting people healthy” rather than increasing aid to Ukraine and engaging in “forever wars.” 

Rob Schneider supports 2024 presidential candidate, criticizes Democrats for 'censorship’
comedian Rob Schneider

Schneider remarked, “He’s talking about things that really matter.” In reference to the impending rematch between President Biden and former President Trump, he continued, saying that people are growing weary of being given the same options.

Its ingrained authority. Additionally, the Democrats currently hold a firm grip on power, Schneider added.

“It has finally come to light that the Democrats are not the people’s party. That is the party of censorship and never-ending conflicts. And now that Elon Musk has purchased Twitter for $44 billion—a great weekend pastime—there is concrete evidence that there has been serious discussion of Russian cooperation. First Amendment cooperation exists here. Naturally, the Justice Department took no action in response to this. However, there is evidence that the US government acted in concert and gave social media instructions. And that directly violates the First Amendment rights of Americans.”

With the introduction of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as running mate, the once-friendly Democratic Party has been rocked by a barrage of criticism and an apparent internal “freak out” against what experts tell Fox News Digital is the party’s “worst nightmare.”

“Only in the new Socialist Democratic Party, they should change their name to reflect who they really are now, would the son of Robert F Kennedy and nephew of Democrat icon JFK be forced from the party that has used their name for decades, all because he had the gall to point out the obvious, Joe Biden is not prepared to lead this country for four more years,” Matt Keelen, a Republican strategist and the principal of The Vogel said on Fox News Digital. 

“That much is obvious to everyone with eyes.”

Kennedy, who comes from one of the most well-known and adored Democratic families in American history, has been one of the left’s most favoured targets since declaring his candidature for president. When Kennedy revealed less than two weeks ago that internet entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan would be his running partner, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) organised a teleconference that many perceived as a sign the party was in a panic.

“We are using every effort to secure the reelection of Vice President Harris and President Biden. It is essential that we consider every potential roadblock to that objective seriously. To be clear, Robert F. Kennedy is exactly that in this election. Lt. Gov. Austin Davis of Pennsylvania said during the call, “He’s a spoiler.

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