Should Manchester United Look for a New Keeper

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Undoubtedly, David De Gea stands alongside the best EPL goalkeepers, including Manchester United legend Edwin Van Der Sar. After years of service, there are rumors of the team planning to get a new goalie in the upcoming summer transfer. 

With Ten Hag already questioning his playing style, the move seems apparent. Let us look at factors leading to his departure and the potential replacements.

Degea’s Recent Mistakes

The Red Devils keeper had two questionable games in the European competition between Real Betis and Sevilla. 

Erik Ten Hag did finally speak, stating the seriousness of his mistakes. His shaky form influenced the embarrassing 7-0 defeat at Anfield, where he made several blunders and let in easy goals. 


The Liverpool performance was a gift for live players using betting apps available in Ghana, considering the high score and the completely unpredictable match. 

Comeback Defeat by Sevilla

Manchester United had given away a two-goal lead in the first leg through own goals. Things did get worse for the team in the second leg, the 32-year-old being blamed for the game’s downfall and exit from the competition.

Passing and ball control has never been his forte, which was evident from the Sevilla match. He awkwardly passed to Maguire, who could not handle the three-man pressure, leading to the first goal. 


He would be exposed again in the third goal, his control this time letting him down. The mistake was the breaking point for the board, coach, and the fans. 

Does Manchester Need Another Keeper?

Despite his goalkeeping prowess, the Spaniard needs to evolve to be a better passer, as witnessed with other keepers like Alisson and Ederson. With one year remaining in the contract, it is only fair for the team to look for a quality backup or a replacement if they sell him.

In mid-April, the team was closing on a new agreement, which would see his terms and pay compromised. The recent poor performances, however, are changing the angle of the talks with the board, and Ten Hag is looking for different options. 

Also, reports say the Keeper is looking for options, making a new goalie signing possible. 



Therefore, David Degea might not leave the club, but they would be better with another signing. Manchester also needs more quality depth in the position; perhaps the fatigue is creeping on the Spaniard. Degea has played over 500 matches for the club, making a new team a good move for his career. 


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