Pete Edochie's Children: Check Out The Photos Of All 5 Sons & Daughter [PHOTOS + VIDEO] Display a web interstitial ad

Pete Edochie’s Children: Check Out The Photos Of All 5 Sons & Daughter [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Check out below in the post, all the sons and daughter of the veteran Nollywood (Nigerian) actor, Pete Edochie

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Pete Edochie's Children:

Pete Edochie’s Children:, in its quest to provide the latest entertainment news and celebrity gossip, has uncovered information about the children of the renowned veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie.

While many are familiar with Yul Edochie, who is also a popular actor, not everyone is aware of the actor’s other children.

Pete Edochie, a 76-year-old actor known as Chief Pete Edochie, MON, is widely regarded as one of Africa’s most talented actors. His contributions to the industry have earned him an Industry Merit Award from Africa Magic and a Lifetime Achievement award.

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For those curious about Pete Edochie’s family, has delved into the actor’s life to reveal more about his children. Stay tuned for the exclusive details and photos of all the children of this esteemed Nollywood icon.

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The Igbo man, Pete Edochie came into prominence in the 1980s when he played the lead role of Okonkwo in an NTA adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s all-time best-selling novel, themed ‘Things Fall Apart.

He was in 2003, honored as a Member of the Order of the Niger by President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Pete Edochie and his children in photos: Pete Edochie's Children
The Edochies: Pete Edochie’s Children
The Edochies
The Edochies: Family Photo of Pete Edochie, Wife, and children

I know most people have been wondering how many children does the actor have, and other questions like these ones are as follows;

  • Who are the five sons of Pete Edochie?
  • What is the name of Pete Edochie first son?
  • does pete edochie have a daughter?
  • pete edochie family picture
  • who is pete edochie wife
  • who is pete edochie daughter

See Pete Edochie’s Children

Back to business, Pete is married to Josephine Edochie and are both blessed with 6 healthy children, five men and a daughter; Leo Edocie, Uche Edochie, Linc Edochie, Gene Edochie, Yul Edochie, and a daughter who s not known very well, much is not known about his daughter.

1. Leo Edochie

Pete Edochie's Children> Photo of Pete Edochie and his first son, Leo Edochie
Leo Edochie, Pete Edochie’s first son

Leo Edochie is Pete Edochie’s first child and first son. Unlike his father, Leo didn’t choose to go into the entertainment industry. He is instead the CEO of Solotone Global Ventures Limited, a company that specializes in Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC & Construction, as well as in the procurement of specialized tools in the oil and gas industry.

He is a graduate of the University of Nigeria Nsukka and is married with children.

2. Uche Edochie

Pete Edochie's Children: Photo of Pete Edochie and his second son, Uche Edochie
Uche Edochie, Pete Edochie’s second son

Uche Edochie is the second son of the Pete Edochie family. He was born in 1975 and has been married to his wife Nkechi Nwosu-Igbo for 16 years. Uche took from his father’s creative gene but not in the acting department. Uche is a Nigerian postwar and contemporary painter, interior designer, photographer, and entrepreneur. His artwork has been sold at numerous auctions. He’s been blessed with three children – two girls and one boy.

3. Linc Edochie

Pete Edochie's Children: Photo of Pete Edochie and his third son, Lincoln Edochie aka Linc
Linc Edochie, Pete Edochie’s third son

Lincoln Edochie aka Linc Edochie is Pete’s third son. He took a lot from his father’s creative genes. Linc is an actor, director, and scriptwriter who started professionally acting in 1995.

He too is married with children.

4. Gene Edochie

Pete Edochie's Children: Photo of Pete Edochie and his fourth son, Gene Edochie
Gene Edochie, Pete Edochie’s fourth son

Gene Edochie is the fourth son of Pete Edochie. Like his elder brother, Uche, Gene is also an interior designer and photographer. He is also the managing Director of Space Calibre Ltd, an interior design company. He too attended the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and has a Master of Science degree in Architecture. Gene is married as well.

5. Pete Edochie’s daughter

Pete Edochie’s daughter is his fifth child
Pete Edochie’s daughter is his fifth child

Pete Edochie’s fifth child and only daughter is the most removed from the limelight and public domain, so much so that nothing is known about her – not even her name. The only reason we know she exists is because of family pictures of the entire Pete Edochie family which shows all six children. Otherwise, nobody would have ever known that Pete even had a daughter.

6. Yul Edochie

Pete Edochie's Children: Photo of Pete Edochie and his six child, also his fifth son, Yul Edochie
Yul Edochie, Pete Edochie’s sixth child

Of all of Pete Edochie’s children, Yul Edochie is the most known because he took after his father’s footsteps and successfully delved into acting in and producing Nollywood movies. Born in 1982, Yul is the baby of the house.

He too is happily married with four children – three sons and a daughter.

Watch Video of Pete Edochie’s five sons together below

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FAQs about Pete Edochie’s Children:

How many kids does Pete E have?

Pete Edochie has six children.

How is Pete Edochie and Rita Edochie related?

Pete Edochie and Rita Edochie are not related by blood. They are both renowned Nollywood actors who have worked together in several movies.

Is Pete Edochie and Yul Edochie related?

Yes, Pete Edochie and Yul Edochie are related. Yul Edochie is Pete Edochie’s son and is also a popular actor in the Nigerian film industry.

Who are Pete Edochie’s siblings?

Pete Edochie has not publicly disclosed information about his siblings. But we have heard of Tony Edochie.

What are the names of Pete Edochie’s sons?

Pete Edochie’s sons include Yul Edochie and Linc Edochie, Gene Edochie, Uche Edochie, and Leo Edochie.

Who is the wife of Pete?

Pete Edochie’s wife is Josephine Edochie.

Is Yul Edochie and Linc Edochie related?

Yes, Yul Edochie and Linc Edochie are related. They are both sons of Pete Edochie.

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