Stalker Arrested For Obsessive Behavior Towards Shakira (See Details)

Stalker Arrested for Obsessive Behavior Towards Shakira (See Details)

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Daniel John Valtier was apprehended on Monday outside the Miami residence of international pop sensation Shakira.

The 56-year-old Texan faces charges of stalking after allegedly sending gifts and making audacious claims of being married to the Colombian singer.

Valtier’s obsession with Shakira came to the attention of her security team, who discovered multiple social media posts on January 3.

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Stalker Arrested for Obsessive Behavior Towards Shakira

The posts, showcasing an unnerving fixation, were promptly handed over to the authorities.

Undeterred by warnings, Valtier arrived at Shakira’s home just five days later, using a taxi as his mode of transportation. He was swiftly arrested and booked into jail.

During his court appearance on Tuesday, Valtier, defiant in his delusions, expressed an inability to comply with orders to stay away from Shakira.

‘She’s my wife,’ he told the judge. ‘I speak to her all the time.’

Despite warnings from Shakira’s security team to cease sending gifts and posting details about her online, Valtier continued his intrusive behavior.

Alarmingly, an Instagram post emerged where he boasted about visiting the singer’s Miami Beach home, accompanied by a photo of a motel business card in Florida.


In addition to the stalking charge, Valtier faces accusations of hiring a vehicle with intent to defraud after neglecting to pay a $70 taxi fare.

Stalker Arrested for Obsessive Behavior Towards Shakira

Prosecutors urged a $50,000 bond, emphasizing concerns about the suspect’s mental state.

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The judge, unconvinced by Valtier’s claims of matrimony, ordered him to stay away from Shakira. ‘No sir, she is not your wife,’ the judge declared.

Due to perceived delusions, the bond was doubled to $100,000, with strict instructions to cease all attempts at contact.

Valtier’s disturbing fixation was further revealed in a previous post where he detailed plans to marry Shakira, open a business with her, and even spoke about having a relationship with her children, disclosing their names.

Valtier’s troubled past, dating back to 1988, includes arrests for charges such as drugs, aggravated assault, driving while intoxicated, and public intoxication.

His most recent arrest in El Paso in 2019 was for criminal trespass, according to jail records.

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