Unlocking the Mystical Properties of Rainwater: The 7 Magical Virtues Revealed

By Xorkpe Sosu 3 Min Read

The 7 magical virtues of rainwater falling directly from the sky:

  1. Negative Energies

Walk while gently singing the holy name “el i yah” 41 times under the rain to cleanse your body of negative energies that are attached to you.

  1. Against Fear

To have the heart of a lion, mix rainwater, seawater, and water collected from a hollow tree in a bottle. Take a glass of Madeira in the morning and evening for nine (09) days for boys and seven (07) days for girls.

  1. Memory Aid

Mix rainwater, 90 pieces of Saint Louis sugar, and one liter of pure honey together, then start drinking it using the longest finger on your right hand.

  1. Against Stuttering

For those who stutter, place a calabash on the roof and collect the drops of rainwater directly. Drink this water from time to time.

  1. Easy Delivery

Take the rainwater falling directly from the sky and recite “Psalm 1, name jerimoyamah” over the water. Give a small amount of water to the child and occasionally give a small glass to the pregnant woman before delivery.

  1. Protection against Spells

Add a few pinches of coarse salt to the rainwater falling directly from the sky to create your holy water. It is very powerful against bad spells.

  1. Luck, Success, and Happiness

Take one liter of the mentioned rainwater and add 16 pieces of Saint Louis sugar to it. Recite “Psalm 4, 29, and 23” on this mixture early in the morning without speaking to anyone. Repeat reciting these psalms on the mixture for 7 days.

Instructions for use:

Take a glass of this water on your lucky day. Everything you desire will be realized positively. Also, add a little of it to your bathwater.

Note: This is water collected directly from the sky, and it will not touch anything or your roofs before being collected. So, please place a calabash, bucket, or plate on the roof of your house to collect it.

Source: Flexhealthtips.com

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