Actor Nicolas Cage’s mom, Joy Vogelsang, dead at 85

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Nicolas Cage Mom Dead

American actor and filmmaker, Nicolas Kim Coppola has lost his mother, known by her name, Joy Vogelsang died at age 85.

The news about her death was made known by the actor in a Facebook post he made three weeks ago by sharing a photograph of her.

According to the actor in his post, his loving mother passed away on May 26th, 2021, at around 10:33 pm.


He added that he was with her all day but the unfortunate incident of her mom passing away happened a couple of hours he left, and he couldn’t get the chance to hold her hands and give her his love and affection before she journeys to peace land.

Read below the full post made by the actor;

My mama died at 10:33pm 5/26. I was with her all day but left for a couple hours and missed her passing by a couple hours so wasn’t able to hold her hand to give her my love and affection before her journey to peace land.

My Mama Died tonight!!!!! She had a very hard life with mental health issues. In all of that painful emotional chaos she still managed to teach me something super important.


My mama lioness told me, her middle son cub, that I was affectionate. I was very embarrassed by the term affection. I thought it was a bad thing, a something to laugh at thing.

Mama lioness looked at me deeply and said affection was a good thing and don’t let others embarrass me for being naturally affectionate. My fellow classmates told me, laughed at me, told me affection was a stupid thing, a make fun of thing.

I was angry at my mama for putting me in that situation, a situation that made me feel more weird than I already did. She held me and told me softly that affection was a good thing and one day I may understand or not but I should always remember I was her affectionate cub.

Life has nulled my innocence like it does for a lot of us but my mama died at 10:33pm 5/26 tonight. I learned from my mama what “affection” really means. I believe only a mama can truly teach that. It’s not love thy neighbor.


It’s smaller yet bigger. Shake one’s hand with tenderness and meaning. Don’t let your mind wonder while you hug someone.

And, and your kiss should definitely be sincere and in the moment…if it is not, well, that adds to hell on earth. My dear sweet mama died tonight at 10:33pm.

Thank you for all your prayers and being with me the last few days. As weird as all this digital friendship is, as the former “DigiVangelist” knows, it actually can mean something if it comes from the heart. Bless you all.

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