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BEEF: Here’s More Juice On The Dancehall War between “Alkaline” And “Squash”

This new dancehall got spiced up after Squash responded to Alka’s “State Of Emergency”  song with a new dis song titled “Pinocchio”.

The Manhimself, Alkaline’s State Of Emergency” song was a diss song directed at the current dancehall kingpin Squash. And this was the genesis of this Lyrical war between these two dancehall acts.

The song, released on the True Ambassador label, has racked up over 100,000 views in only a few hours since its release.

The ‘Vendetta Boss’ uses metaphors and a sing-song flow in a lyrical assault of the ‘6ix Boss’.

The dancehall community can never be enjoyable without the existence of beefs to stir up the mood. The loyal Dancehall fans waited and kept calling for a resond to the Pinocchio track, and i say it was by popular demand.

Alkaline then headed to the requests of the community lovers and declared Squash’s death in new diss track titled “Death Announcement.”

However, Alkaline made it clear when he released a snippet of his new diss track less than 2 hours ago that he was not down for the count.

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Along with the track he released the cover art for the song and let’s just say he straight up declared that Squash is dead. The cover art is a depiction of a Death Announcement and Memorial article.

The article contains the images for many ‘deceased’ people, most notably Squash who he refers to as “Turtle Neck” and Squash’s brother who he refers to as “Danny G” The article also contains the names, Shab Nyam and Frog Face.

The post was captioned, manhimselff Death announcement fi di tixx dem Nyam uno mumma.


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Stream a combined version of the “Pinocchio” and “Death Announcement” songs compiled by Also Read: Townflex

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