Apprise Music Promotes Grace Nyele Mensah to COO, Expanding Leadership Team in Africa

By Philip NeeWhang 4 Min Read

Apprise Music, the digital music distribution powerhouse aiding independent African artists, has unveiled a major leadership stride. Grace Nyele Mensah assumes the pivotal role of Chief Operations Officer (COO), directly reporting to Apprise Music & Media’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Michael Bamfo.

In her newfound capacity as COO, Grace Nyele Mensah assumes responsibility for vital segments of the organization. These encompass Artist Services, Publishing Administration, and Media Relations. This promotion underlines the company’s unwavering dedication to nurturing and advancing in-house talent to spearhead growth and prosperity within Africa’s burgeoning music domain.

A Rising Star in Apprise Music’s Journey

Grace Nyele Mensah, a distinguished presence within Apprise Music’s ranks, has consistently displayed her exceptional acumen and dedication. Her journey within the organization has been nothing short of commendable, marked by her unwavering commitment to the company’s mission of empowering independent artists.

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A Critical Role in African Music’s Ascent

The appointment of Grace Nyele Mensah as COO comes at a time when the African music scene is enjoying unprecedented global recognition and growth. With her strategic oversight of Artist Services, Apprise Music seeks to further bolster the ecosystem for independent musicians, providing them with tools, resources, and support to thrive in the dynamic music industry.

Publishing Administration, another key area under Ms. Mensah’s purview, is integral to ensuring artists receive fair compensation for their creative endeavors. By streamlining these processes, Apprise Music aims to empower artists to focus on their craft while the platform handles the complexities of music rights and royalties.

Moreover, Media Relations, a crucial facet in today’s digital age, will be under her capable guidance. This involves cultivating relationships with media outlets and influencers to enhance artists’ visibility and reach, amplifying their music to a broader audience.

An Emblem of Growth and Progress

Michael Bamfo, the CEO of Apprise Music & Media, expressed immense confidence in Ms. Mensah’s ability to navigate these crucial areas. He highlighted her deep understanding of the industry and her unwavering commitment to the company’s vision.

This promotion is a testament to Apprise Music’s commitment to fostering talent from within. As the African music industry continues its rapid ascent on the global stage, Apprise Music’s expanded leadership team, with Grace Nyele Mensah at the helm as COO, positions the company to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of African music distribution.

Apprise Music’s Ongoing Impact

Apprise Music has long been recognized as a pioneer in digital music distribution in Africa. The company’s innovative approach has empowered countless independent artists to share their music with the world, breaking down barriers and connecting African talent with a global audience.

The elevation of Grace Nyele Mensah to the role of COO signals a new chapter in Apprise Music’s journey. It signifies their unwavering commitment to supporting artists, streamlining music administration, and fostering growth within Africa’s vibrant music industry.


As the African music scene continues to thrive and captivate audiences worldwide, Apprise Music’s strategic move to appoint Grace Nyele Mensah as COO underscores their dedication to being at the forefront of this cultural revolution. With her leadership and expertise, Apprise Music is well-positioned to empower more artists and contribute significantly to the ever-evolving African music landscape.

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