SAD! Benjamin Mendy Selling His £5m Mansion & Chasing Up to £10m of Club Backpay to Avoid Bankruptcy

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Former Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy finds himself embroiled in financial turmoil as he seeks to sell his £5 million Cheshire mansion and recover up to £10 million in backpay from the club.

Mendy, who was recently acquitted of rape and attempted rape charges, now faces a looming bankruptcy order due to a substantial £800,000 tax debt owed to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

The details emerged during a hearing at the High Court in London, where a specialist judge oversaw the proceedings.

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HMRC is pursuing the bankruptcy order over the unpaid tax debt, which has brought Mendy’s financial situation under scrutiny. The court session took place merely weeks after Mendy’s exoneration from the criminal charges at Chester Crown Court.

Jacquille Jarrett, representing HMRC, revealed that prior to the hearing, the proceedings had been postponed awaiting the outcome of the criminal trial.

The hope was to settle Mendy’s debt through either backdated salary payments or the sale of his property. However, as of now, no communication or update has been provided by Mendy to HMRC regarding his financial situation.


Mendy’s accountant, who chose not to disclose his full name, defended the footballer’s innocence in relation to the criminal charges. He mentioned that Manchester City had not made any payments to Mendy since September 2021. The accountant stated that negotiations were ongoing with the club to secure the owed backpay, which he estimated to be between £9-10 million.

The footballer’s residence near Macclesfield, Cheshire, valued at £5 million, is being marketed for sale by estate agent Savills.

Mendy’s accountant shared that the player has relocated to France, where he hails from. He requested a brief extension, expressing confidence that the pay issue would be resolved through discussions with Manchester City.

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Judge Clive Jones, presiding over the hearing, expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of information provided by Mendy regarding his financial affairs.

The judge adjourned the bankruptcy proceedings to October 4, granting Mendy time to sell his house and potentially settle his debts. He noted that negotiations for the backdated pay were in progress, and that Mendy could be earning a substantial income in France.

Despite the recent acquittal, Mendy continues to face challenges in his personal and financial life, highlighting the complex intersection of sports, legal matters, and finances.

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