I wanted to get back at my cheating husband, so I slept with another man: Wife

By Riddy10 2 Min Read

In a shocking confession that was aired on Oyerepa FM, a Ghanaian wife said that she had extramarital affairs to get back at her husband for cheating on her.

This honest statement has started conversations about how complicated marriages can be and what might happen if one partner cheats.

During her time on the radio show, the middle-aged Ghanaian woman was honest about the fact that she had brought another man into her life on purpose and had many intimate meetings with him. She said that she did something so extreme because her husband had cheated on her before.

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The woman talked about the complicated lies she told to keep her secret life a secret. She said that she always made up stories about going to see her older sister to hide her dates with her affair partner. This kept her double life hidden from prying eyes.

By giving more information, the woman made it clear that she had an affair because she wanted to get back at her husband. She said that her unusual way of getting back at her husband was because he was always cheating on her.

The news has made people think about how trust, loyalty, and the complicated ways people react to betrayal in a marriage affect each other.

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