ASEM! Man drugs and k!lls his ex- girlfriend and later does this – Video

By Riddy10 2 Min Read

In a harrowing incident that has sent shockwaves through the nation, a middle-aged Nigerian man has been apprehended by authorities for his alleged involvement in the abduction, drugging, murder, and organ harvesting of his former lover.

The horrific sequence of events has left the community in disbelief and highlighted the depths of cruelty that can exist within individuals.

The suspect, believed to have had a prior romantic relationship with the victim, reportedly deceived her by luring her to his residence under false pretenses.

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According to preliminary reports, the man invited the woman to his house and administered a sedative, rendering her unconscious.

After incapacitating the victim, the suspect is said to have bound her hands and legs, leaving her completely defenseless.

Man drugs and murders his ex girlfriend and later harvests her body parts to sell Video 1

In an act of unspeakable brutality, he allegedly took the life of his former lover, abruptly ending a precious human existence.

However, the horror didn’t conclude with the victim’s tragic death. Shockingly, details have emerged that the accused then proceeded to harvest the woman’s body parts.

The motive behind this gruesome act remains unclear, leaving investigators and the community stunned by the extent of depravity that could lead to such actions.

The police have swiftly taken action, arresting the suspect and launching a thorough investigation into the matter.

Watch the video below:

Community members are grappling with a mix of grief, horror, and outrage as they try to comprehend the darkness that led to this heinous crime.

This incident serves as a chilling reminder of the importance of vigilance and awareness within relationships, as well as the need for society to address the complex factors that contribute to such acts of violence and brutality.

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