SHAMELESS? Bobrisky Clashes with Lady at Lagos Movie Premiere (+VIDEO)

By Riddy10 2 Min Read

In an unexpected turn of events, the renowned Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky, found himself in a heated altercation with a lady during a movie premiere in Lagos state on Tuesday, November 12.

Eyewitnesses captured the dramatic confrontation, leaving many puzzled about the cause of the clash.

The viral video circulating online shows Bobrisky aggressively charging at the lady, hurling words at her and accusing her of labeling him as ‘shameless.’

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While the exact trigger for the altercation remains unclear, unverified reports suggest that the lady may have referred to Bobrisky as a man, provoking his ire.

The incident unfolded at a high-profile movie premiere, attracting the attention of attendees and social media users alike.

Bobrisky, known for his flamboyant and controversial persona, has not shied away from confrontations in the past, but the circumstances leading to this clash remain speculative.

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The video, shared across various platforms, has sparked a flurry of reactions from fans and critics, with many expressing surprise and curiosity about the nature of the dispute.

 Bobrisky Clashes with Lady at Lagos Movie Premiere

Some netizens are speculating whether it was a spontaneous disagreement or a result of simmering tensions.

As the incident gains traction online, it raises questions about the challenges faced by public figures in managing their public image and dealing with criticism.

The clash at the movie premiere serves as a reminder of the delicate balance celebrities must strike between maintaining their personal space and engaging with their audience.

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