Unmarried Hermès Heir Gifts $11 Billion and Properties to 51-Year-Old Gardener

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Nicolas Puech, the 80-year-old heir to the Hermès fashion dynasty, has reportedly initiated an extraordinary succession plan, aiming to adopt his 51-year-old gardener as his legal heir.

This surprising move, revealed by the Swiss publication Tribune de Geneve, sheds light on a complex saga involving immense wealth and legal intricacies.

Puech, unmarried and without children, holds a substantial stake in the now $220 billion-valued Hermès, making him one of Switzerland’s wealthiest individuals with an estimated net worth ranging from $10.3 billion to $11.4 billion.

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The gardener, described as hailing from a modest Moroccan family, is reportedly married with two children and stands to inherit a significant portion of Puech’s fortune, including substantial properties in Marrakesh and Montreux valued at $5.9 million.

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This surprising turn of events finds its roots in the tumultuous history of Puech’s association with Hermès. A bitter family rift emerged in 2014 when rival luxury conglomerate LVMH acquired a significant stake in Hermès, leading to Puech’s departure from the company’s board amid family discord.

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However, Puech’s unconventional succession plan faces considerable challenges. Adult adoption is an exceedingly rare occurrence in Switzerland, with legal hurdles demanding a prior relationship during the adoptee’s minor years—a condition that may prove difficult to fulfill.

Moreover, conflicting commitments arise, as Puech had previously pledged his fortune to the Isocrates foundation, designed to combat misinformation.

Attempts to retract this pledge might incite a legal battle, as the foundation opposes any unilateral cancellation of the inheritance contract.

Speculation surrounds the adoption maneuver, suggesting it might serve as a legal tactic to preempt any interference from the foundation in Puech’s will.

As this unique saga unfolds, the fate of Hermès’ fortune hangs in the balance, entangled in legal complexities and family dynamics.

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