DaBaby Says His Homophobia Controversy Was A “Blessing In Disguise”

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During a recent episode of UNINTERRUPTED’s The Shop, DaBaby sat down with a group of individuals including Damson Idris, Hebru Brantley, Katelyn Ohashi, Paul Rivera, and Maverick Carter, to reflect on his 2021 homophobia controversy. DaBaby referred to the incident as a “blessing in disguise”.

DaBaby candidly spoke about the controversy and shared, “Oh man, I got knocked the f**k out.

That’s somethin’ that came out my own mouth and said, you know what I mean?” He went on to say that he would have handled the situation differently in retrospect and apologized, “Hey, I didn’t mean to.”

DaBaby described himself as a person who will fight for their character and intentions, and would not allow anyone to paint him as a bad person. “Like, I’m this type of person.


Like, I’m gonna fight to the tooth and nail, you know what I mean? About like my character and my intentions, That’s somethin’ I’ll never let… Like I’m not gonna let you, you know what I mean, make me… I’m not a bad person,” he explained.

He also shared that he is unfaltering in his character and that he is committed to not allowing negativity to impact him. “Yeah, like my [character]…That’s somethin’ I can’t, like I’m unfaltering on that. Like, you know, like I say like, you almost gotta make it your business to not let that st get to you,” he said. “‘Cause once it gets to you, it’s almost like, you know…It’s a nonstop game of figurin’ this st out. That’s what we have to do anyway, is to market ourselves, you know what I mean, to make ourselves worth somethin’.”

The rapper was embroiled in controversy after making derogatory comments about HIV/AIDS during a performance at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Despite the backlash, DaBaby has taken this as an opportunity to reflect and learn, which he describes as a “blessing in disguise”.


Check out the full The Shop’s Episode below.

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