Drake – Virginia Beach Lyrics

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Have you been able to listen to “Virginia Beach,” a song by Canadian rapper and singer, Drake yet? Well, we are here with the official lyrics for the latest release.

“Virginia Beach” released on October 6, 2023 as the opening track from his eighth studio album For All the Dogs (2023). Produced by Harley Arsenault, with co-production from 40, it contains samples of the unreleased song “Wiseman” by Frank Ocean.

In his latest release, Canadian rapper Drake takes listeners on a poignant journey through the intricacies of love and self-reflection in the track “Virginia Beach.” The song, adorned with soulful melodies and introspective lyrics, delves into the complexities of relationships, regret, and the desire for redemption.

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The song begins with a reflective dialogue between Drake and Frank Ocean, contemplating the judgment from others and the internal struggle with self-assessment. The lyrics convey a sense of acceptance and defiance, challenging accusations of not treating a loved one better. Drake dismisses the notion that he could have done better, asserting that he believes he did alright.

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The chorus introduces a mix of emotions, as Drake describes a yearning for a deeper connection, juxtaposed with the realization that the relationship may be more about compromise than true love. The mention of “Lean in, lean into me” hints at a desire for closeness and intimacy.

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Well, with thanks to Genius, check out the lyrics for Virginia Beach music by Drake and also stream/download mp3 below.

Drake Virginia Beach Lyrics

[Intro: Drake & Frank Ocean]
I bet your mother would be proud of you, ooh (You, you, you, oh)
I bet our mother would be proud of you, oh
I know what you say
You say I coulda treated you better or whatever, but
I don’t know, I think I did alright
Know what I’m sayin’?
And you know how you get
Drawin’ conclusions like you got a Parsons degree or somethin’
I coulda treated you better, that’s crazy

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[Chorus: Drake]
Lean in, lean in soda, Fanta, fantasizin’
That’s not love you’re in, it’s more like compromisin’
I move mountains for you, fuck that social climbin’
Lean into me, lean into me
Yeah, lean in, lean into me

[Verse 1: Drake]
Pussy, it makin’ me tweak, ended up stayin’ a week
She pretty but ghetto, pretty but rough, just like Virginia Beach
I wanna get back to the days that you loved me for nothin’ but what you could see
You bust down the Jubilee, I swapped it and made you go factory, wait
You put some pain in me, I wanna get back to the major league
She wanna grab on the throttle, I wanna get back in the driver’s seat
That nigga spent his last check on your car and you got it and drove it to me
Asked me if I coulda treated you better, but no

[Chorus: Drake]
Lean in soda, Fanta, fantasizin’
That’s not love you’re in, it’s more like compromisin’
I move mountains for you, fuck that social climbin’
Lean into me, lean into me
Lean in, lean into me

[Break: Drake]
Yeah, yeah
Grr, grr

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[Verse 2: Drake]
Our texts feelin’ like a fencin’ match, your temper shorter and I’m sensin’ that
You keep talkin’ ’bout some, “Period,” but where you ’bout to end the sentence at?
‘Cause you been goin’ off on my ass, then I tell your ass where I’m at
And you act like I’m not supposed to mention that
I introduce you to my friends’ girlfriends, you ain’t interested in makin’ friends
Talkin’ ’bout you wanna cook for a nigga in the kitchen, can you make amends?
Least we know you got the cakes on you, girl, you should prolly stick to bakin’ then
Birkin is croc like the rubber shoe, I swear that I’m not tryna smother you
I got to know a whole other you, but let’s not forget how I discovered you
We ain’t even gotta mention that, any nigga try and trouble you
He gon’ find out that it’s on-site like W-W-W
On site like dot-com, put a baby in you, you a hot mom
Yeah, ask me if I coulda treated you better, but no
Not at all, not at all

[Outro: Frank Ocean]
I bet our mother would be proud of you, ooh (Mother would be proud)

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