EU Raises Red Flag on X for Alleged Content Violations (See Details)

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In a recent development, the European Union (EU) has issued a warning to Elon Musk regarding the alleged spread of “disinformation” on a social media platform, which many believe to be Twitter, currently known as X.

Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market of the European Union, expressed concern that “violent and terrorist content” had not been promptly removed from the platform as required by EU law.

Breton did not specify the nature of the disinformation in his letter to Musk, but he mentioned the widespread presence of “fake and manipulated images and facts” on the platform.

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This warning comes in the aftermath of an attack on Israel by the Palestinian militant group Hamas, resulting in significant casualties and hostage situations.

EU Raises Red Flag on X for Alleged Content Violations

Elon Musk, the CEO of the company that owns the platform in question, responded to the EU’s concerns by highlighting the platform’s commitment to transparency and openness. He asked for a list of alleged violations to be made public, so users could review them.

Breton, however, emphasized that Musk should take concrete actions to demonstrate the removal of fake content and glorification of violence.

The EU’s warning falls under the framework of the EU Digital Services Act (DSA), which was enacted in November of the previous year.

This legislation is aimed at protecting users on major tech platforms and places stringent requirements on platforms with over 45 million EU users. Non-compliance with the DSA can lead to significant fines or even suspension of services.

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Musk’s acquisition of the company that owns the social media platform marked significant changes, including the dissolution of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council in 2022, which previously consisted of around 100 independent groups advising on issues such as self-harm, child abuse, and hate speech.

In conclusion, this warning from the EU highlights the ongoing struggle to regulate the spread of disinformation and violent content on social media platforms.

The specifics of the alleged violations on platform X will likely be a topic of ongoing discussion as the EU seeks to hold tech giants accountable for content posted on their platforms.

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