Boyfriend Caught Cheating: Girlfriend Takes Back Phone and Belt as Revenge! (+VIDEO)

By Riddy10 3 Min Read

In a recent viral video, a lady publicly humiliated her boyfriend by taking back the gifts she had bought for him after she caught him cheating with another woman.

The incident, which took place in Nigeria, has left many people stunned and discussing the consequences of cheating in relationships.

The no-nonsense lady, who was caught on camera, accused her boyfriend of cheating on her and angrily described him as a male prostitute.

She was heard venting her anger in Yoruba language and slapping him before demanding that he return the phone she bought for him.


In addition, she took the belt he wore, which was also a gift from her. The lady he was suspected of cheating with claimed that the guy was just her elder brother and there was nothing romantic going on between them.

However, the girlfriend was not convinced and publicly embarrassed her boyfriend by taking back the gifts she had given him. The boyfriend remained calm in the face of the public ridicule and walked out of the place with the other lady.

It was only after the incident that the people present realized that the young lady believed to be his side chic was actually his younger sister.

The incident has sparked a heated debate on social media, with many people criticizing the lady for overreacting and not verifying the identity of the other lady before taking action.


Others have praised her for standing up for herself and not tolerating infidelity in her relationship.

The netizen who shared the clip advised men never to allow a woman to feed them, insinuating that accepting gifts from a lady would make them vulnerable to such humiliation in the event of a break-up.

Watch the video below:



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In conclusion, the incident has served as a wake-up call for many people in relationships to be faithful and honest with their partners.

It has also highlighted the need for caution and verification before taking any drastic actions that could lead to public humiliation and embarrassment.