BBNaija’s Venita Spills Secrets: I Do ‘Tatata’ Twice A Year

By Riddy10 2 Min Read

In a candid conversation with her fellow housemates Adekunle, Kiddwaya, and Seyi on the ongoing reality TV show, Drama Queen Venita shared a unique philosophy she follows in her personal life.

During the discussion, Venita made a surprising revelation, stating that she only engages in intimate activities once every six months.

She explained that this decision stems from her strong dislike for anyone getting too close to her. Her statement has since sparked a storm of reactions on social media, with fans and viewers sharing their diverse opinions in the comment section.

As the news of Venita’s disclosure spread like wildfire, fans took to various social media platforms to express their views.

Many praised her for providing trending content and drama in the house, urging others to vote for her. They appreciated her candidness and the way she keeps the audience entertained with her openness.

BBNaija's Venita Spills Secrets: I Do 'Tatata' Twice A Year

On the other hand, some fans speculated about her statement, wondering if her former housemate, Ike, would agree with her claims.

This speculation stemmed from the history between Venita and Ike during their time in the reality show. Their past interactions and dynamics have made fans curious about Ike’s reaction to Venita’s recent revelation.

Venita’s specific mention of engaging in intimate activities once every six months amused some fans, who found it quirky and intriguing. They shared humorous memes and comments about the unusual timeframe, turning it into a light-hearted online trend.

Amidst the amusement and humor, there were fans who believed Venita’s statement to be genuine. They appreciated her honesty and courage to share personal details of her life on a public platform like BBNaija.

This genuine display of vulnerability endeared her to some viewers, making her even more relatable to them.

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