Full List of Netflix Top 10 list of All Time favorite Movies & Series: July 2023

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Netflix’s Biggest Hits: A Look at the Top 10 Rankings as of July 2023

Over the years, Netflix has witnessed some massive hits, but quantifying their success has always posed a challenge for observers. Here’s an exclusive glimpse into the biggest hits ever released on Netflix, as of July 2023.

About Netflix

Netflix is an American subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service owned and operated by Netflix, Inc. The service primarily distributes films and television series produced by the media company of the same name from various genres, and it is available internationally in multiple languages.

Netflix was launched on January 16, 2007, nearly a decade after Netflix, Inc. began its DVD-by-mail service. With 238.39 million paid memberships in more than 190 countries, it is the most-subscribed video-on-demand streaming service.

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Every Tuesday, Netflix unveils four global Top 10 lists, categorizing films and TV shows into Film (English), TV (English), Film (Non-English), and TV (Non-English). These lists rank titles based on ‘views’ received from Monday to Sunday of the previous week.

To calculate views for a title, the streaming giant considers the total hours viewed divided by the total runtime, with values rounded to 100,000. This unique approach helps gauge the popularity of each title based on actual viewing time.

It’s noteworthy that Netflix assesses each season of a series and each film independently, which means you might spot both seasons 2 and 3 of “Stranger Things” in the Top 10. Additionally, since titles may fluctuate in and out of the Top 10, Netflix also provides insight into the total number of weeks a season of a series or film has spent on the list.

For a comprehensive understanding of global viewing trends, Netflix also shares Top 10 lists for nearly 100 countries and territories, corresponding to the locations where Top 10 rows are featured on the platform. These country lists are ranked by views, enabling users to explore what’s trending in various regions across the world.

Netflix Global Top 10

Films (English) JULY 24 – JULY 30, 2023

1Hidden Strike137,800,0001:4322,000,000
2Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir, The Movie120,800,0001:4212,200,000
3They Cloned Tyrone223,000,0002:0411,100,000
4Happiness for Beginners116,500,0001:469,300,000
5Missing: The Lucie Blackman Case110,400,0001:227,600,000
6The Out-Laws48,900,0001:375,500,000
7Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine15,600,0001:055,200,000
8Puss in Boots: The Last Wish37,200,0001:424,200,000
9The Deepest Breath26,500,0001:503,500,000
10Extraction 276,000,0002:042,900,000

Films (Non-English) JULY 24 – JULY 30, 2023

2Bird Box Barcelona311,200,0001:526,000,000
4The (Almost) Legends24,700,0001:372,900,000
5The Lady of Silence: The Mataviejitas Murders13,900,0001:512,100,000
6Love Tactics 232,900,0001:391,800,000
7Kingdom2: Far and Away33,300,0002:141,500,000
9Maamannan (Tamil)13,200,0002:351,200,000
10Gold Brick41,700,0001:371,100,000

TV (English) JULY 24 – JULY 30, 2023

1The Witcher: Season 3559,000,0007:367,800,000
2Sweet Magnolias: Season 3245,900,0008:355,300,000
3Too Hot to Handle: Season 5326,300,0008:153,200,000
4The Lincoln Lawyer: Season 2412,600,0004:143,000,000
5Survival of the Thickest: Season 138,000,0003:362,200,000
6Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse: Season 119,100,0004:481,900,000
7Quarterback: Season 1311,000,0006:261,700,000
8Fatal Seduction: Season 146,400,0003:461,700,000
9Mark Normand: Soup to Nuts11,500,0000:531,700,000
10CoComelon: Season 811,800,0001:041,700,000

TV (Non-English) JULY 24 – JULY 30, 2023

1Sintonia: Season 4142,200,0006:346,400,000
2Baki Hanma: Season 2133,000,0005:326,000,000
3King the Land: Season 1764,500,000*4,000,000
4A Perfect Story: Limited Series111,600,0003:403,200,000
5D.P.: Season 2115,000,0005:192,800,000
6My Happy Marriage: Season 134,300,0001:372,700,000
7The Tailor: Season 2113,700,0005:232,500,000
8Burn the House Down: Season 1312,800,0006:272,000,000
9Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead: Season 132,100,0001:121,800,000
10Jujutsu Kaisen: Season 232,600,0001:361,600,000

Netflix Most Popular Lists

Most Popular Films (English): As of July 30, 2023

1Red Notice454,200,0001:58230,900,000
2Don’t Look Up408,600,0002:23171,400,000
3The Adam Project281,000,0001:47157,600,000
4Bird Box325,300,0002:04157,400,000
5The Gray Man299,500,0002:09139,300,000
6We Can Be Heroes231,200,0001:41137,300,000
7Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery320,300,0002:21136,300,000
9The Mother261,900,0001:57134,300,000
10Spenser Confidential238,900,0001:51129,100,000

Most Popular Films (Non-English): As of July 30, 2023

2The Platform129,700,0001:3482,800,000
3Through My Window116,000,0001:5461,100,000
5Blood Red Sky124,800,0002:0360,900,000
6My Name Is Vendetta86,500,0001:3256,400,000
7Black Crab103,300,0001:5553,900,000
8All Quiet on the Western Front129,400,0002:2952,100,000
9Below Zero86,700,0001:4748,600,000
10Loving Adults83,600,0001:4647,300,000

Most Popular TV (English): As of July 30, 2023

1Wednesday: Season 11,718,800,0006:49252,100,000
2Stranger Things 41,838,000,00013:04140,700,000
3DAHMER: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story1,031,100,0008:55115,600,000
4Bridgerton: Season 1929,300,0008:12113,300,000
5The Queen’s Gambit: Limited Series746,400,0006:37112,800,000
6The Night Agent: Season 1803,200,0008:1198,200,000
7Stranger Things 3716,100,0007:3394,800,000
8Bridgerton: Season 2797,200,0008:3093,800,000
9The Witcher: Season 1663,600,0008:0083,000,000
10Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story524,400,0006:2980,900,000

Most Popular TV (Non-English): As of July 30, 2023

1Squid Game: Season 12,205,200,0008:19265,200,000
2Money Heist: Part 4710,200,0006:42106,000,000
3Lupin: Part 1396,300,0003:5999,500,000
4Money Heist: Part 5900,700,0009:0599,200,000
5Money Heist: Part 3519,800,0006:3080,000,000
6Lupin: Part 2258,900,0003:4768,400,000
7Who Killed Sara?: Season 1392,400,0006:4358,400,000
8All of Us Are Dead: Season 1679,300,00012:1455,500,000
9Elite: Season 3334,800,0006:4250,000,000
10Elite: Season 4302,200,0006:3246,300,000

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All lists start on June 28, 2021

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