CAUTION! Man ends up with bleached manhood after using enlargement cream he bought online

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A Nigerian man has reportedly ended up with a bleached p@nis after using an enlargement cream he bought on social media.

Popular doctor and Twitter influencer, Chinonso Egemba, also known as Aproko doctor, relayed the incident on the microblogging platform.

The man, whose identity was not disclosed, purchased the penis enlargement cream from an Instagram vendor and applied it to his male member as directed, resulting in a bleached penis.

Aproko Doctor went on to warn men against purchasing such creams because they are fake and will only cause them harm.

He took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, March 22, to share his concern.


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“Someone bought a penis enlargement cream from an Instagram vendor and ended up bleaching his organ. You, people, don’t use to hear words.

Now black body, white peepee. Just so you know… Penis enlargement creams are a scam.


You’re harming yourself instead and losing money,” he tweeted.

This is not the first time such a case has been reported. Several men have fallen victim to these scams in the past, with some experiencing severe side effects that have had a lasting impact on their sexual health.

The Nigerian government has previously warned against the use of such creams, citing the potential harm they can cause.

They have also cautioned against purchasing unregulated products on social media, as they may not be safe for use.

To that effect, it is important for individuals to be cautious when purchasing products online, especially those that claim to have miraculous effects.

In the case of [email protected] enlargement creams, it is best to consult a qualified medical practitioner before attempting to use any such product.

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As for the man who ended up with a bleached penis, it is not known if he sought medical attention or if the effects of the cream are permanent.

However, his case serves as a warning to others who may be considering using similar products to enhance their sexual performance.

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