Man Faces Two Decades for Kidnapping, Abusing, and R@ping Girl

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A North Carolina man, William Todd Murell, aged 58, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the heinous kidnapping, assault, and rape of a woman over a chilling 10-day period in February 2020.

The Buncombe County jury, after a lengthy trial, found Murell guilty of first-degree rape and felony assault inflicting serious bodily injury but acquitted him of a kidnapping charge.

Disturbingly, this isn’t the only case against Murell, as he still faces charges in a separate incident from March 2020.

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The victim, a mother of three and former police officer from Florida, met Murell at a substance abuse group while grappling with alcoholism.

Man Faces Two Decades for Disturbing Kidnapping, Abusing, and R@ping Girl

What began as shared rides to support group meetings turned into a nightmare as Murell subjected her to relentless abuse.

During the trial, the victim bravely testified that Murell drugged her, physically assaulted her, and subjected her to rape over the course of 10 days.

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Shockingly, photographs presented in court revealed evidence of traumatic brain injuries, bruises, and burns on the victim’s body.

Despite multiple welfare checks prompted by concerned citizens and Murell himself calling 911, the victim did not request help out of fear for her safety.

It wasn’t until February 11 that she managed to escape, contacting friends for assistance. Her subsequent treatment at Pardee Hospital revealed a lethal blood alcohol level, severe brain injury, and traces of drugs in her system.

Murell, who expressed shock at the jury’s verdict during his sentencing, failed to apologize or show remorse.

The victim’s courage, along with the prosecutors’ dedication, led to Murell’s conviction. The chilling details of this case underline the importance of addressing and preventing such heinous crimes.

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