Nicki Minaj – Fallin 4 U Lyrics

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Nicki Minaj, the undisputed queen of rap, has once again set the industry ablaze with her latest release, “Fallin 4 U.” This track, positioned as the fifth gem in her highly anticipated album, Pink Friday 2, showcases Nicki’s unparalleled lyrical prowess and unapologetic attitude.

In this very post, Townflex will be sharing with you the official lyrics for the song so you don’t get lost with the words as the song plays along with you trying to mime.

Nicki Minaj – Fallin 4 U: The song kicks off with an attention-grabbing intro, featuring the signature touch of ATL Jacob, setting the stage for Nicki’s bold narrative. In the opening verse, she encourages her counterpart to take a shot, comparing the experience to a raindrop falling. The lyrics reflect a confident and assertive Nicki, ready to face any challenge thrown her way.

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Nicki Minaj seamlessly weaves through her verses, blending references to her own legacy with clever wordplay. Lines like “Bi*tch, I’m the Pinkprint, tell him to kiss the pink ring” emphasize her iconic status in the rap game, solidifying her place as a true queen.

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The chorus echoes the sentiment of falling, with Nicki repeating the phrase “Fallin’ for you,” adding a melodic touch to the powerful verses. The orchestral-esque beat adds a grandiose feel, elevating the entire listening experience.

In the second verse, Nicki takes on her critics, employing vivid imagery to convey her dominance. References to pitbulls, real kisses, and lethal looks create a captivating visual narrative. The lyrics suggest a diss towards a fellow female rapper, without explicitly naming names, leaving listeners to decode the subtle jabs.

Nicki Minaj Fallin 4 U Lyrics

(ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob)

[Verse 1]
Told him shoot his shot like his main opp
Now I’m fallin’ for him like a raindrop
Done that, run that
Yo, Patty, give me the gun back
When he say cock it back, gun off safety
Thinkin’ ’bout you lately, JoJo and K-Ci
I be on that calm flex, them gyal hasty
Gyal, them want me face, but them gyal, they can’t face me
I-I ain’t really tryna let him in, in (In, in)
But if he a G, it’s a win, win (Win, win)
Can’t play the queen before the king, king (King, king)
Bi*tch, I’m the Pinkprint, tell him to kiss the pink ring

Fallin’ for you (I think I’m fallin’ for you)
Fallin’ for you (I think I’m fallin’ for you)
Fallin’ for you (I think I’m, I think I’m, I think I’m fallin’ for you)

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[Verse 2]
They like ’em, they fightin’, they comin’, they tuggin’
I kill ’em, I beat ’em, I see them, they duckin’
Got pitbulls, we feed ’em, it’s nothin’
They never been official, they never been the issue
Plus they know that my body tea, my middle initial
I let him kiss the real, he know my looks could kill
These bi*tches gotta shake they ass to show sex appeal

Fallin’ for you (I think I’m fallin’ for you)
Fallin’ for you (I think I’m fallin’ for you)
Fallin’ for you

[Verse 3]
Picture that, picture me givin’ bi*tches slack
Picture pretendin’ I ain’t give all these bi*tches piggyback
Picture usin’ me and the Barbz and never givin’ back
Soon as they think they see the light, I turn the picture black
Ain’t at the mall, but between me and them, it’s a gap
Pictures sayin’ that you the queen and knowin’ it’s a fact
Picture my head givin’ wet and wavy, strawberry daq’
Yo, matter of fact, let me take that back before they steal that
Picture me openin’ the vault, bi*tch, I seal that
Picture them disses stickin’ like grits, bi*tches feel that
Picture me tellin’ bi*tches “catch it,” outer field that
Picture me not tellin’ my lil’ niggas drill that
Picture you endin’ up under the sea, where the dread at?
Picture not listenin’ when I said you would dread that
I mean locs, ho, you’s-you’s a chop ho
I’m number one, y’all go argue over top four
Clean sweep, you gettin’ mopped, ho
Picture me dressed in black, they callin’ me Miss Mary Mack (Mary Mack)
You get the picture (Get the picture), my niggas airin’ that
Like-like married to the mob, bi*tch, I’m married to the MAC
Picture it not gettin’ scary, it’s airier than Macs

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Fallin’ for you (I think I’m fallin’ for you)
Fallin’ for you (I think I’m fallin’ for you)
Fallin’ for you (I think I’m, I think I’m, I think I’m fallin’ for you)

Ayo, you gotta catch me while I care, I ain’t callin’ for you
Watchin’ my every move, thought I was fallin’ for you?

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