Bakhmut Battle: Russian Troops Suffering Huge Losses, Says Ukrainian Defense Minister

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According to Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar, Russian losses in the eastern city of Bakhmut are several times higher than Ukrainian losses, despite Moscow’s troops making some advances in the battered city.

Maliar revealed this in an interview with Ukraine’s state broadcaster on Wednesday, where she disclosed that the enemy had thrown all its efforts to take control of the city, sending their main professional units, weapons, and equipment to Bakhmut.

Maliar pointed out that the Russian forces couldn’t fight street battles with the Ukrainian military because they were losing them.

Instead, they were using their proven Syrian tactics of wiping out buildings, making it difficult for the Ukrainian army to hold positions.


However, Maliar revealed that this approach was costly for the Russians, as they had lost a lot of equipment and weapons in the operation.

She added that these losses were several times higher than those incurred by the Ukrainian military.

Russian Troops Suffering Huge Losses, Says Ukrainian Defense Minister

The Ukrainian deputy defense minister emphasized that containing the Russian forces in Bakhmut was a crucial task because it prevented them from advancing further into Ukrainian territory.


She said that it was vital to defend the settlement as it had significant implications in the context of the enemy’s movement deeper into the territory.

stated that it was an important defense, not only for Bakhmut, but also for the entire region.

It is difficult to ascertain the exact casualty figures for both sides, as death tolls are challenging to verify.

Maliar’s claims, however, are supported by leaked US intelligence documents, which allege troop casualty numbers.


US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, who commented on the situation in Bakhmut in March, described the battle as a “slaughter-fest” for the Russians and the Wagner mercenary group fighters.

Russian Troops Suffering Huge Losses, Says Ukrainian Defense Minister

The Russian military has since deployed more troops to the city.

In conclusion, the situation in Bakhmut remains tense, with both sides suffering losses. However, Maliar’s statements indicate that the Russian forces are paying a higher price for their actions in the city.

The Ukrainian military’s ability to hold their positions in Bakhmut is critical in preventing the enemy’s further advances into their territory.


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