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Sad story of youth invading cemeteries to steal human bones for smoking [video]

By Majesty 2 Min Read

A disturbing trend has emerged, revealing how some young people are resorting to invading and destroying cemeteries in search of human bones to prepare a concoction that induces a state of intoxication

According to video, this concerning practice is common in Sierra Leone, where dead people’s skeletons are stolen and multiple graves are broken open.

 The ‘Friends of the Dead’ vigilante group was established by some locals to guard the cemeteries from intruders and the theft of human body parts.

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According to a report by 4News, people in Freetown, the nation’s capital, are gravely concerned about the recent trend for human bones and are bemoaning the destruction grave robbers have caused to their cemeteries. 

According to the report, in an effort to obtain bones—which are subsequently combined with other chemicals to produce a mixture known locally as “Kush”—more than a thousand graves have been destroyed. Young people smoke this stuff to get high.

In an interview with 4News reporters, Dr. Jusu Mattia of Sierra Leone’s Mental Health Hospital called the new trend depressing. He clarified that sulphur found in human bones can, in fact, cause intoxication when mixed with other substances to create Kush.

This alarming finding is indicative of the larger problem of drug abuse in Africa, which is something that many of the continent’s nations have been struggling with. 

The Takoradi cemetery in the Western Region was invaded by unidentified grave robbers just one month prior. 

Though it’s unclear what these people were using the dead body parts for, they are said to have destroyed over a thousand graves. Following the incident, the local government moved quickly to secure the cemetery and stop additional vandalism.

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