The first patient with Elon Musk’s brain chip shares his astonishing response: It’s unbelievable

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Elon Musk implanted a chip to control a computer in a person’s brain for the first time due to his preoccupation with being a trailblazer in various fields.

With the help of Neuralink, we can now confirm that this is indeed a reality. With the chip owned by the South African businessman who founded firms like SpaceX, Tesla, and X (previously Twitter), 29-year-old Noland Arbaugh can play video games, play chess, and carry out other duties.

Two months had passed since Arbaugh had the history-taking surgery, and a few weeks later, Neuralink released the patient’s initial pictures.

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“It’s crazy,” says Arbaugh, who describes himself as a thrilled person and considers the progress to be “great”.

After suffering a diving accident, Arbaugh talked about what it felt like to be able to use his thoughts to control things like playing video games.

“The world is about to change because of what you guys are doing. It will alter how individuals like me may live our lives,” stated Arbaugh.

Arbaugh is going to celebrate taking on the role of Professor Charles Xavier.

Thanks to the company’s implanted chip, the young man is the first person able to operate his computer. The video demonstrates how he can now play video games like “Civilization” and joke around with the other attendees in a momentous occasion that has the potential to revolutionize the scientific and technological fields.

Arbaugh is so excited that he has declared he will be dressing up as the X-Men’s leader, Professor Charles Xavier, for Halloween.

“It seems like a good fit… “I can basically move objects with my mind,” he laughed.

The young man is now well-known because of Neuralink, after suffering a diving accident that left him paraplegic from the shoulders down. He states that there have been no negative effects after two months and thinks the progress has been encouraging, implying that further papers demonstrating this improvement will follow.

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