Toyota aims to put 1,000 km-range Lexus EV on the road by 2026

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Toyota has unveiled a concept car under the Lexus brand that’s designed to have an impressive range of approximately 1,000 kilometers, and they plan to release it by 2026.

This move is part of Toyota’s shift toward electric vehicles (EVs) that rely on advanced battery technology.

The concept car, called LF-ZC, was showcased at the Japan Mobility Show. It uses advanced “prismatic, high-performance” batteries that can provide roughly double the range of typical EVs, which amounts to around 1,000 kilometers or about 620 miles.

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Toyota’s Chief Branding Officer, Simon Humphries, explained that the key to achieving this extended range is minimizing and reducing the size of various components, including making smaller yet more efficient batteries that deliver greater power and range.

“The key to achieving these breakthroughs is parts minimalisation and reduction across the board, including smaller, more efficient batteries with more power and more range” Simon Humphries said.

Toyota, the world’s leading automaker, previously announced ambitious plans in June to expand its presence in the EV market. This includes introducing next-generation lithium-ion batteries that offer longer ranges and faster charging times.

They also claim to have made significant progress in solving durability issues with solid-state batteries, a technology considered a potential game-changer due to its extended range and performance. Toyota aims to have vehicles powered by solid-state batteries on the market by 2027 or 2028.

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The LF-ZC concept car boasts a low-slung design with a spacious cockpit and incorporates advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology that Toyota has named “Butler.” This AI system can identify driver preferences that the drivers themselves might not be aware of, enhancing the overall driving experience.

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