VIDEO: Ed Sheeran says listening to Eminem helped “cure” his stutter

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In his prime, Eminem served as a profound inspiration for countless youngsters who found solace in his music. Astonishingly, it has recently come to light that his star power had a transformative impact on a disorder that once plagued Ed Sheeran.

During an appearance on The Howard Stern Show on a fine Wednesday (May 10), the renowned “Shape of You” crooner recounted how his uncle had gifted him a copy of The Marshall Mathers LP during his childhood. Sheeran, captivated by the album from the outset, divulged that his struggle with stuttering found respite through rapping along to Eminem’s poignant lyrics.

“My uncle approached my father and said, ‘This individual is the next Bob Dylan. You must allow him to listen,'” Sheeran divulged to the seasoned radio host. “And through my immersion in that record, diligently rapping it back to back, my stutter was miraculously cured.”

He further expounded, “The distinction lies in Eminem’s character, given his reclusive nature and limited interactions with others. I’ve had the privilege of knowing him for six years, collaborating on three songs, and sharing the stage twice. I find a deep connection with him as he remains rooted in his hometown, flourishing within his own ecosystem.”


Stuttering, a prevalent disorder among young children, particularly those grappling with speech development, manifests as a struggle to effectively articulate one’s thoughts. The Mayo Clinic elucidated, “Individuals who stutter possess clarity of their intended words, but encounter challenges in their vocalization. These challenges may manifest as word repetitions, syllable prolongations, or interruptions during speech, prompted by problematic words or sounds.”

Ed Sheeran’s adoration for Slim Shady is not an isolated sentiment in the music industry.

During the recent Tunecore’s Hip-Hop 50 event, Fabolous engaged in a discussion with a group of journalists on the illustrious red carpet. Seizing the opportunity, one reporter inquired about the one artist Fabolous yearned to collaborate with but never had the chance to.


Without a moment’s hesitation, he proffered the name of the Detroit-born wordsmith, lauding his unrivaled prowess in the realm of lyrical expression. “In the realm of Hip Hop, my desire lies in collaborating with Eminem,” Fabolous asserted. “He personifies the essence of true Hip Hop.”

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