What is the reason for selling people bad fuel? – KiDi laments

By Majesty 2 Min Read

Ghanaian music sensation Kidi has joined the chorus of concern regarding the sale of substandard fuel in the country and its detrimental impact on consumers’ vehicles.

Kidi expressed his dismay on his X (formerly Twitter) handle about the growing number of engine and car part damage cases brought on by subpar fuel being pumped out of petrol pumps.

He demanded an explanation for why such inferior fuel was being sold and urged immediate action to address the problem.

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“This bad fuel ruining engines and plugs is becoming a serious pandemic. Something needs to be done ASAP. Why are you selling people bad fuel ????? What is the reason?” he said.

The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers Ghana (COPEC) expressed concern in November over an increase in complaints regarding fuel quality from automobile owners, especially those who use petrol.

Drivers complained about issues including difficult gear changes, delayed acceleration, and plug misfiring, which reduced engine performance. Initial research pointed to a possible high manganese concentration in the fuel.

Users of the X platform persisted in expressing alarm in December regarding the detrimental consequences of high manganese content in petrol that is sold at petrol stations in Ghana.

They demanded stringent measures and the identification of oil marketing companies selling fuel with high manganese levels, and they presented proof of spark plug damage. The Italian Consul in Ghana also reported similar problems with his recently acquired vehicle.

Maintaining standards for petroleum products is vital, and COPEC has repeatedly threatened legal action against the National Petroleum Authority if the issue is not promptly resolved.

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